the watchers


REVIEW: Revocation – Chaos of Forms

“Precise, technical, catchy, memorable, fast, etc. This album has it all, and it’s all tied together in a seemingly effortless fashion by the monumentally skilled Revocation. Perhaps more amazing than the fantastic songs and moments is the fact that there isn’t a single weak point on the entire album.”

Ascension of the Watchers – Numinosum

Band: Ascension of The Watchers Album: Numinosum Genre: Ambient Rock Label: 13th Planet Tracks: 1. Ascendant 2. Evading 3. Residual Presence 4. Canon For My Beloved 5. Moonshine 6. Mars Becoming 7. On The River 8. Violet Morning 9. Like Falling Snow 10. Sounds of Silence 11. Quintessence The mastermind behind Fear Factory is back […]