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Blue Stahli Releases “Not Over Till We Say So” featuring Emma Anzai of Sick Puppies

I’ve found your new addiction. Don’t be intimidated. One of the most crazy, flexible and in-your-face songs I’ve heard this year is the new release of Blue Stahli‘s “Not Over Till We Say So,” which features Emma Anzai of Sick Puppies as the guest vocalist and bassist in the song. And it’s unreal. You’ll find […]

Slayer Announce Fall U.S. Tour With Suicidal Tendencies and Exodus

Looking for a reason to headbang and incite a circle pit this fall? Look no further. After a short (but apparently successful) run of dates with Suicidal Tendencies and Exodus last month, Slayer has announced a more extensive tour with that exact same lineup set to kick off in November. That, of course, means Gary […]

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UTG PREMIERE: Expain – “Aggressions Progression”

Metalheads, come forth! Under The Gun Review is excited to introduce you to Expain, a band built on displaying technical skills behind the instruments. A heavy and potent mixture of thrash and jazz metal, Vancouver, Canada’s Expain is hoping to become a staple in a genre built on technical skill and speed. Today we introduce […]

UTG TV: Ice-T Q&A At CBGB Music & Film Festival

“When it’s all said and done, no ones gonna remember what I had. They’re going to remember what I said,” proclaims Ice-T. “If you tell the truth, it will always be relevant.” The past month has been a serious onslaught of concerts, film screenings, press events, and more for the New York City area. Between […]

Jeff Hanneman

Jeff Hanneman Tribute: His Five Best Solo Writing Credits For Slayer

Twenty-two years and eleven studio albums–that’s Jeff Hanneman’s body of work with the almighty Slayer. In that massive body of work, there actually aren’t all that many songs in which Hanneman gets the sole writing credits (being that Slayer are quite good at collaborating and all). The ones in which Hanneman does get the sole […]

REVIEW: Lamb of God – Resolution

Artist: Lamb of God Album: Resolution Genre: Groove Metal/Metal Label: Epic, Roadrunner After two decades and seven full length releases, Lamb of God are still as bombastic and explosive as ever. The band’s seventh album, Resolution, is melodic runaway freight train barreling through 14 tracks, rarely granting the listener a reprieve from its furious pace.

REVIEW: Skeletonwitch – Forever Abomination

Artist: Skeletonwitch Album:  Forever Abomination Label: Prosthetic Genre: Thrash Metal Ohio’s Skeletonwitch are known for not catering to specifics by joyously demolishing every sub-genre that stands amongst their path with an unwavering wrecking ball. They’ve been placed under every category in the book between thrash metal, blackened death metal, and speed metal, but one characteristic […]

REVIEW: Revocation – Chaos of Forms

“Precise, technical, catchy, memorable, fast, etc. This album has it all, and it’s all tied together in a seemingly effortless fashion by the monumentally skilled Revocation. Perhaps more amazing than the fantastic songs and moments is the fact that there isn’t a single weak point on the entire album.”