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REVIEW: Nothing undress what it means to be “shoegaze” on new LP, ‘Tired Of Tomorrow’

Artist: Nothing Album: Tired Of Tomorrow Genre: Alternative, Rock Though it’s only been two years in between albums for Philly-based alt-rockers Nothing, it feels as if the band has aged much more than that. Striking headlines over the past few months, the band’s tired motifs have not only personified their music, but almost every outlook […]

Stream Nothing’s new LP, ‘Tired Of Tomorrow’

Nothing are streaming their new LP, Tired Of Tomorrow, just over a week in advance over at NPR. The Will Yip-produced work continues from the band’s much loved debut, Guilty Of Everything. Consistent with huge tones, dreamy vocals and melodies, and a lush production, Tired Of Tomorrow is a powerhouse album that will be sure […]

Torche Announce New Album, European Tour and U.S. Dates With Municipal Waste

Sludge-Pop monsters Torche have revealed the title and release date for their new album, along with a slew of stateside and European tour dates. The band has titled their fourth LP Restarter, which I suppose is appropriate given it’s their first release for Relapse Records. It hits stores on February 24, while pre-orders should be […]

WATCH: Nothing – “Bent Nail”

Nothing are some pretty miserable dudes. Low key, seemingly calm, even drone at times, the members of the Philly based rock band certainly embrace their morose attitudes. Seen on their video for “Bent Nail,” Nothing are guilty of disappointment, though most certainly not sonically. Still within the first month of its release, Nothing’s amazing debut […]

VINYL REVIEW: Nothing – ‘Guilty of Everything’ (Deluxe Edition)

Artist: Nothing Album: Guilty of Everything Label: Relapse Records Release date: March 4, 2014 Last week I had the pleasure of reviewing Nothing’s stellar debut LP, Guilty of Everything. With the record earning a 9.5, I was more than excited to get my hands on the deluxe vinyl. Truly the only way the album should […]

REVIEW: Nothing – ‘Guilty of Everything’

Artist: Nothing Album: Guilty of Everything Genre: Shoegaze, Punk Rock Label: Relapse Records As some mornings I fight against existential crises, I can somehow calm myself down knowing that the enclosed thoughts within my head, held in by my bone and the muck of my nervous system are experienced by the neighbor I talk to […]

Check Out “Endlessly” From Nothing

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of writing about a band that had just made their way to my iPod, and it has been love ever since. The Philadelphia rock outfit Nothing are a group of musicians that know how to push the limits of sonic parameters. Cranking their knobs up to eleven, […]

SINGLE REVIEW: Nothing – “Bent Nail”

Artist: Nothing Song: “Bent Nail” Album: Guilty of Everything Label: Relapse I really enjoy shoegaze, but for some reason, Nothing wasn’t on my radar. Maybe it is because I just watched all of Twin Peaks in a week, and I have the lingering effects of that ’90s experience left coursing through my veins, causing me […]

REVIEW: Red Fang – ‘Whales and Leeches’

Artist: Red Fang Album: Whales and Leeches Genre: Stoner Metal Label: Relapse There’s an insanely popular metal-themed burger joint in Chicago called Kuma’s Corner. It recently received some nationwide mainstream exposure with a controversy stirred up by using a communion wafer as a topping for a burger inspired by Ghost. I’m serious. You can’t make […]

Relapse Records Release Free 26 Track Sampler

Relapse Records are an alternative record label based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, boasting a roster that includes metal acts like Toxic Holocaust, Red Fang and many more. The label decided to release a fall sampler featuring a number of different artists, adding up to 26 tracks in total. The sampler is completely free, and you […]

Red Fang Whales And Leeches

Red Fang Stream Album Trailer For ‘Whales And Leeches’

In promotion of their upcoming release, Portland, OR’s Red Fang are now streaming a trailer for Whales And Leeches that showcases quite a bit of new merchandise. For those of you wondering just how much this metal band is offering, their merch site includes, but is not limited to, CDs, limited edition picture disc LPs, […]

LISTEN: Ulcerate – “Confronting Entropy”

New Zealand death metal trio Ulcerate have premiered a brand new song, entitled “Confronting Entropy,” that can be found after the jump. The track comes from the group’s forthcoming full-length, Vermis, which is set to hit stores September 17 via Relapse Records. Based on how utterly massive Ulcerate’s previous albums have been along with the […]