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We Interviewed Caleb from 1997!

Today, James talked to Caleb of 1997! The contents of said conversation in which we discussed the band’s current situation, fall plans, and more can be found below! Check out their album On The Run as soon as you possibly can. J: Hey Caleb, how are you doing today? C: I’m doing pretty good. We’re […]

Melvin Fatomas Big Band – Live From London 2006 [DVD]

Band: Melvin Fantomas Big Band Title: Live From London 2006 Genre: Live Show Release: 08/26 Distributor: MVD Every so often I get handed something to review that I’ve never heard of in my life. The Fantomas Melvins Big Band (henceforth referred to as TFMBB) was one of those times. I’m not usually so critical of […]