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UTG’s Indie Film Spotlight highlights a new/recent/upcoming independent film that we feel you need to see. The Harry Potters of the world will always be successful and easily available on Netflix, but indies need your help and contributions to survive and thrive. Just like local elections, your decisions really do matter here. Support independent cinema! (If you’re a filmmaker […]


Title: Hesher Studio: Lionsgate Genre: Drama/Comedy Release: 2011 Simultaneously familiar and completely unique, Spencer Susser’s Hesher is a film that is difficult to define, let alone discuss. The previews lead audiences to believe it would be a drama laced with wit, but the reality is a much more heavy-handed picture than anyone could have predicted, […]

DVD Review: Frank Zappa: The Freakout List

…very little to offer anyone who would care enough to watch it…

Movie Review: The Carter

Film: The Carter Genre: Documentary OUT NOW [Buy on Itunes for $14.99] When you decide to make a documentary about one of the most popular, yet misunderstood musicians on the planet, you best be prepared for anything. Even the most ridiculous twists, like your “star” refusing to sit down for an interview and later asking […]

Kill The Record Labels [DVD]

Title: Kill The Record Labels Genre: Documentary Director: T. Thomas Distributor: Focus Media Release: 2009 One glance at the cover art for the new Documentary Kill The Record Labels may turn away the average viewer, but in reality it’s probably the most fitting design possible. This 2009 Documentary, which features interviews with everyone from DJ […]

Melvin Fatomas Big Band – Live From London 2006 [DVD]

Band: Melvin Fantomas Big Band Title: Live From London 2006 Genre: Live Show Release: 08/26 Distributor: MVD Every so often I get handed something to review that I’ve never heard of in my life. The Fantomas Melvins Big Band (henceforth referred to as TFMBB) was one of those times. I’m not usually so critical of […]