Melvin Fatomas Big Band – Live From London 2006 [DVD]

Band: Melvin Fantomas Big Band

Title: Live From London 2006

Genre: Live Show

Release: 08/26

Distributor: MVD

Every so often I get handed something to review that I’ve never heard of in my life. The Fantomas Melvins Big Band (henceforth referred to as TFMBB) was one of those times. I’m not usually so critical of things, but I honestly wish I could go back in time to when I’d never heard of them.

Since this is a DVD review I’ll start with the video. You remember the music videos they used to show on Beavis and Butthead? You know, the ones where you watched them and said to yourself “I think I could have done better, and I have no knowledge of video at all”. Well thats what came to mind as I tried to watch TFMBB. The video is grainy and riddled with 1970’s budget sci-fi effects. I don’t even think someone high out of their minds would enjoy this.

I know you’re thinking “but JP, it can’t be all bad, they got a DVD release, the music must be good right?” wrong. The “music” is just noise. There’s a lot of dissonant distorted guitar chords and heavy drums over their “singer” making stupid noises. They seriously make Sonic Youth sound like Beethoven.

Bottom line, if your friend invites you over to check this DVD out, punch him. He deserves it for wasting the time and money.

**Written by: Justin Proper**
Grade: 1/10

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