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Theophilus London – This Charming Mixtape

Artist: Theophilus London Album: This Charming Mixtape Genre: Hip Hop Label: Unsigned          You know the feeling you get when you throw in an old VHS tape of a cheesy 80’s movie and you notice the terrible clothing and embarrassing music? Those are the same feelings I acquired after listening to Theophilus […]

Peelander-Z – P-Pop-High School

Artist: Peelander-Z Album: P-Pop High School Genre: Pop Punk Label: Eat Rice   Tracks: 1. P-Pop-High Schoool 2. Let’s Go! Karaoke Party! 3. Beautiful Sundae 4. Handsome 5. Panda-III  6. Pillow Pillow  7. Learn Japanese  8. Duct Tape 9. Give Me Your Smile  10. Super Health  11.  Autograph 12. Pho! 13. P-Zombie-Z 14. So Many […]

Save Unsigned Bands Touring! – Secret Secret Dino Club!

Jayce and the crew are coming for you soon. This is a warning.  Dates coming soon. This is going to be the year of SSDC. *Written By: James Shotwell*

UTG Interviews Assassinate The Scientist!

  Billy T gets the short and sweet low down on the up and coming Gainesville band. [UTG] Billy T: Who are you?! Nick from Assassinate The Scientist: I’m Nick Sessions from Assassinate The Scientist, I do bass and vocals. [UTG]: What are your HOH plans, and who are you excited to see? Nick: We got here […]

Save Music Videos! – Catherine: Fallacy

In honor of the fact that Catherine just finished recording their new album, I think they deserve a flashback to how awesome their last album was. Let this video serve as a reminder! Inside/Out will be in stores April 14th, keep an eye out and expect a review soon! Written By: Danny Weiss

Lamb of God – Wrath

Artist: Lamb of God Album: Wrath Genre: Metal Label: Epic Tracks: 1. Passing [Instrumental]  2. In Your Words 3. Set to Fail 4. Contractor 5. Fake Messiah 6. Grace 7. Broken Sands 8. Dead Seets 9. Everything to Nothing 10. Choke Sermon 11. Reclamation Lamb of God formerly known as Burn the Priest finally released […]