UTG Interviews Assassinate The Scientist!


Billy T gets the short and sweet low down on the up and coming Gainesville band.

[UTG] Billy T: Who are you?!

Nick from Assassinate The Scientist: I’m Nick Sessions from Assassinate The Scientist, I do bass and vocals.

[UTG]: What are your HOH plans, and who are you excited to see?

Nick: We got here last night and I saw a fight and tits on the Scrambler and the girl got arrested. I’m excited to see Incoherent, and Propagandhi because I never thought I’d get to see them, and also the How Dare You, Onslaught Dynamo, Shaking Hands and Young Livers. The No Idea crew puts together things really well.

[UTG]: My band played with you in tally for the recent little tour. What else is new with Assassinate The Scientist?

Nick: Recently we just recorded four songs with Roger Manganelli from Less Than Jake and we are waiting to release that, and we recorded three songs with Rob Mcgregor.

[UTG]: Who’s putting it out?

Nick: Failsafe Records has first dibs and we are thinking of putting out a split. We have those songs on our myspace right now and we are playing more out of town shows. The first of them was with you guys. We’ve been a band for a year last month so we’re trying to get out there.

[UTG]: It really happened for you guys quickly.

Nick: We’ve all been in bands for a while and it’s kinda cool because its the first band where everything falls into our laps.

[UTG]: What musical influences come together to make your sound?

Nick: Gary is into indie punk bands like I Hate Myself, and Roger is really eclectic. Since I was younger I’ve been into West-coast punk with East-coast vocal style and bands from Gainesville are my influences.

[UTG]: What is your message for the Harvest of Hope crowd and UTG readers?

Nick: There are a lot of awesome bands out there and I will say I encourage people to check them out even if you don’t know them. Take advantage of this festival!

*Written By: Billy Table*

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