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Motionless in White – When Love Met Destruction

Artist: Motionless in White Album: When Love Met Destruction Genre: Metalcore/Hardcore/Scenecore Label: Fearless I think there should be a cap on how many bands one genre can have. I mean, there’s always room for additions, but there should be some kind of sign up process because the number of these metalcore acts using synth for […]

Aiden – Knives

Artist: Aiden Album: Knives Genre: Punk Label: Victory ABOUT FREAKING TIME! Aiden, having gone a couple years without a true new release, have returned with their most vicious and dark release yet. Stepping away from the dark ominous tones of Conviction and returning to a much rougher and raw sound, like that of Nightmare Anatomy, the […]

Alesana Needs YOU!

Alesana, those ferocious kings of breakdowns from Fearless Records has their new [and one of my personal favorties for the year] video for, “Seduction” up for voting on MTVU. Please follow the link below and help them get added to the rotation! CLICK HERE IF YOU LOVE UTG/


New album out in June. Get ready for the scene to explode once more.