Aiden – Knives

knivesArtist: Aiden
Album: Knives
Genre: Punk
Label: Victory

ABOUT FREAKING TIME! Aiden, having gone a couple years without a true new release, have returned with their most vicious and dark release yet. Stepping away from the dark ominous tones of Conviction and returning to a much rougher and raw sound, like that of Nightmare Anatomy, the Wil Francis produced Knives is exactly what the scene has been needing in this era of neon colors and good attitudes.

Starting with a snippet of Edward Norton’s infamous rant from The 25th Hour, the album explodes with crunching guitars and Francis’ signature dark lyrics. Lines about cutting and sewing the wound with hate flow into your ears as music that only has origins in the depth’s of the human psyche attacks from every angle. “Killing Machine,” the lead track, actually has mildly weak production it seems. Francis has 2-3 vocal layers going throughout and his vocals seem to fall below the music which makes interpreting his razor sharp tongue a bit difficult. Next, “Let The Right One In,” has a chorus made to slay audiences and enough gang vocals to keep the most “bro” fans completely pleased. However, if it’s simply great writing you want, “Scavengers of The Damned,” is the track to hear. The music has a solid 1-2 tempo generally, but it’s Francis’ way of words that makes it’s unforgettable. I challenge you to not sing along by the time it’s halfway through. Add an ode to Elizabeth Bathory and we finally arrive at the center point and best song on the album and, possibly, Aiden’s career. “Crusifiction,” is a track to influence thought and provoke protest. It’s a flat out, no holds barred, stand against organized religion, specifically Christianity. In fact, at one point, Francis yells, “there is no god, I am THE DEVIL.” This is the sound and attitude i feel Aiden has been attempting to achieve this whole time and it finally culminates with this ferocious track.

The back half of the record only slows up momentarily for the eerily realistic rape monologue entitled, “Portrait.” It’s so violent and dark, yet fitting for the journey we are on. Other notable moments come from the instantly catchy, “Excommunicate,” that features enough gang vocals to choke Four Year Strong. This is a straight pit track and I feel the band will prove this as they tour Warped all summer. Also, the line, “I feel no remorse, take me to the gallows,” is destined to be scribbled across the blogosphere by the group’s emo/goth target audience. In addition, “King on Holiday,” actually seems to find the group telling a story, well, however much of  a story can be told in 119 seconds. Finally we’re given a special treat with the closer, “Black Market Hell.” For starters, we get yet another completely unforgettable album closer [which the band has become known for] and second there’s a nice albeit eerie acoustic hidden track. Then the album ends with screams of, what sound like, zombies, and your body feels as if it’s been through anger therapy and yet taken three doses of testosterone at the same time. It’s fantastic.

I was a bit unsure where this record would find Aiden, but having listening to it a handful of times, it appears they’ve found their pot of gold. Knives is a dark, violent, and nihilistic view of the world as told through crushing instrumentation and soul piercing lyricism. Wil Francis has a near cult following that will only explode in size once this record gets out. Trust me, the current scene won’t be the same in about a week and if at least one religious group doesn’t protest Aiden, I will be floored. This is raw, unfiltered, unbridled punk. Just the way it should be.

Score: 9/10

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13 Responses to “Aiden – Knives”

  1. Shawn says:

    Seriously…? This album was garbage.

  2. Emma says:

    I agree 100%. The best CD they’ve made yet and it’s so amazing that I don’t even know how to explain it, although you did a pretty good job. I enjoyed Conviction but it sucks compared to Knives. Knives is probably the greatest thing I’ve heard in my life. I adore your review.

  3. tyler h says:

    seems odd that he could be the devil if there was no God. apparently he did not get the message from Showbread’s No Sir…

  4. James says:

    Thank you for that sir. Also, in any battle Showbread would win, so Wil’s just missing out.

  5. Jack says:

    I think this album is pretty good concidering convictions wasn’t the best album I wasn’t sure what to expect but I give it an A for the rebound. But keep in mind it’s no Nightmare Anatomy which by far is the best album of theirs.

  6. Shane says:

    This CD was great, i like the fact they went back to their more punk style of sound even though i really liked Conviction

    This CD is gonna be getting a lot of play time on my Ipod and computer.


  8. kk says:

    actually, he screams: there is a new god i am the devil. but i think this is the best album so far from Aiden. hopefully they keep this line, and stay AWAY from Conviction. that was good, but they can do so much better. and I also loved William Control’s Hate Culture. favorite song is Killing Machine its just full of attitude.
    keep up the good work, guys.

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  10. there is a god says:

    why is everyone so against god!!!!!!he’s great and loves us all

  11. AndyZero says:

    i think this album was a “love it or hate it” type of album people either love it to death or despise it,personally i think it is great love every minute of it.(FUCK YOU and all of your friends if you disagree)

  12. pc says:

    This is a very great blog , how do i subscribe to your newsletter ?

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