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Best of 2009/Our 2,000th Post!

What you’re looking at right now is the 2000th post in the history of Under The Gun Review. We’ve been waiting all day to bring this to you along with the two exclusives to UTG that will follow shortly, but first: The UTG Staff’s “Best of 2009” Lists James Shotwell – Owner/Founder/Editor ALBUMS OF THE […]

Review: Native – Wrestling Moves

Artist: Native Album: Wrestling Moves Genre: Indie Rock Label: Sargent House It’s finally here! The UTG Staff’s pick for “Most Anticipated” album of Fall 2009, Native’s Wrestling Moves. I have been lucky enough to spend the last couple weeks with the record and though I wanted to wait until the Halloween [ish] release, I just […]

Winds of Plague – The Great Stone War

Artist: Winds of Plague Album: The Great Stone War Genre: Metal Label: Century Media It’s been some time since Winds of Plague’s debut, Decimate The Weak, sought carnage on the scene. However, the band hasn’t been sitting around by any means, they’ve been on the road seemingly nonstop since the record’s release. Somehow, in the […]

Consider The Thief – Signs and Wonders

Artist: Consider The Thief Album: Signs and Wonders Label: Unsigned Genre: Mellow Pop/Rock Every now and then, a band comes out of nowhere in a genre you’re not always the biggest fan of and knocks you completely off your feet. As of late around the UTG office, that band has been Consider The Thief. Hailing […]

Method Man & Redman – Blackout! 2

Artist: Method Man & Redman Album: Blackout! 2 Genre: Hip Hop Label: Def Jam It’s finally here! The long awaited sequel to one of the most beloved hip hop/co-op releases, Method Man & Redman’s Blackout 2! has arrived on the streets of the world and is ready to take everything you loved last time one […]

Aiden – Knives

Artist: Aiden Album: Knives Genre: Punk Label: Victory ABOUT FREAKING TIME! Aiden, having gone a couple years without a true new release, have returned with their most vicious and dark release yet. Stepping away from the dark ominous tones of Conviction and returning to a much rougher and raw sound, like that of Nightmare Anatomy, the […]

Kevin Devine – Brother’s Blood

Artist: Kevin Devine Album: Brother’s Blood Genre: Folk/Rock Label: Favorite Gentleman I must say, Kevin Devine has been on my list of people who need to explode into the music world for quite awhile. Having done well with a string of solo records, Devine’s career really took off following a direct support run with scene […]