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We’re so excited we need new jeans. Well, at least James does.                  

Decyfer Down – Crash

Artist: Decyfer Down Album: Crash Genre: Christian Rock Label: INO/Columbia I don’t think a lot of people appreciate the popularity of the Christian rock genre. These bands sell hundreds of thousands of records without mainstream attention. That’s incredible regardless of genre or beliefs. Decyfer Down, a solid example of under the radar success, have just […]

Jay-Z to Tour with FULL BAND!

From the press release: International superstar JAY-Z officially announced today that he will headline a series of intimate performances to connect with fans as he takes a break from putting the finishing touches on his upcoming album, The Blueprint 3. Backed by his full band, the exclusive engagements begin July 3rd at the Pearl in […]

Kill The Record Labels [DVD]

Title: Kill The Record Labels Genre: Documentary Director: T. Thomas Distributor: Focus Media Release: 2009 One glance at the cover art for the new Documentary Kill The Record Labels may turn away the average viewer, but in reality it’s probably the most fitting design possible. This 2009 Documentary, which features interviews with everyone from DJ […]

Zao – Awake?

Artist: Zao Album: Awake Genre: Hardcore Label: Ferret I’m pretty sure no band has gone through more member changes or flat out drama than Zao. A ridiculous amount of albums and breakdowns have passed through this band, but I think listeners are about to find a very solid culmination of all the band’s work and […]

ALEXISONFIRE: Making The Video

Young Cardinals, the title track to the new album from Alexisonfire is about to have a music video and to make the wait less aggravating [or perhaps more], the band has given us this behind the scenes look:

RANCID Premieres New Video!

Rancid is back! Here we have the premiere video and track from the upcoming Let The Dominoes Fall out June 2nd, 2009. What do you think?