Decyfer Down – Crash

decyfer-down-crashArtist: Decyfer Down
Album: Crash
Genre: Christian Rock
Label: INO/Columbia

I don’t think a lot of people appreciate the popularity of the Christian rock genre. These bands sell hundreds of thousands of records without mainstream attention. That’s incredible regardless of genre or beliefs. Decyfer Down, a solid example of under the radar success, have just released their new, long awaited Sophomore effort Crash and it looks like this is one band that’s doing a find job of avoiding accidents.

The albums tarts off with the title track, lead single, and standout of the album, “Crash.” This song is simply straightforward rock with an amazingly catchy hook that drags you quite willingly into the rest of the album. The perfect opener. However, the follow-up, “Desperate,” sounds like the title in terms of searching for something catchy and, “Fading,” matched my moods in terms of originality. The group, who is currently touring with Skillet, seems to have taken quite a bit from the headliners for this record. Both tracks sound like b-sides to their last record and not original whatsoever. However, never one to give up, I pushed on.

The record did manage to pick up as it moved on luckily. “Ride With Me” gives the album a steady dose of southern rock to get your dirrty throwdown on. It’s actually a near sure shot for single as the hook simply destroys and “Wasting Away,” the very next track, brings the heavy quite hard to keep you rocking straight through. For those looking for instrumental and vocal skill, look at, “Moving On.” This ballad is top 40 ready ad I’ll be damned if it doesn’t reach that plateau. Finally, we get another ballad like track with the closer, “Forever With You,” and it’s a slid track, but a little weak for a final song.

In the end, I think this band need sot work on their focus. Crash has a lot of moments of promise, but then it goes awhile without much of anything to excite you. I’m all for expanding sound and trying new things, but you still need to be yourselves and I feel like this disc isn’t 100% the band as much as it is the band trying something different and not accepting that it doesn’t always work. It’s a solid effort, but they could do better.

Score: 6/10

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  1. Cindyswoodruff says:

    may God keep blessing you all, i love your music !!!!