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Behind the scene footage with Tony Moon

The Making of “Lanchi Beye” (featuring B Sheba, Fatso, Tamika Jones, and Tony Moon) What’s good my UTG followers? Today I have for you some exclusive behind the scene footage of a cat named Tony Moon–who I am about to start covering in the next few days. He has the last verse in the video […]

An interview with NoEaze

UTG’s Exclusive Interview With NoEaze (06/10/09) [UTG] Brandon “Venamis” Folsom back again with another interview, but this time it’s with Philadelphia’s own NoEaze. This guy is someone you’ve probably never heard of, so let me introduce you to a rapper with some serious talent. On the brink of a new mixtape about to be released […]

Mos Def rocks Fallon along side The Roots

Mos Def – Casa Bey (peformance on Fallon 6/9) Last night was an epic day in the hip-hop world because Jimmy Fallon had hip-hopper Mos Def on as the musical guest for Late Night. Not only did Mos Def get to bring the roof down with his end of the show, but he also got to perform […]

The Judgment of Paris – EP

Artist: Judgment of Paris Album: EP I was sitting around at work one day minding my own business when I was suddenly placed with a special opportunity; to review a fellow UTG writer/friend’s band. I pounced on the chance to do this since, as we all know, friends are the best critics *wink*. Our friend, […]

The Scene Aesthetic album details

The Scene Aesthetic is back and this time with Destiny Worldwide Records behind them. On July 14 they will be releasing A Type and a Shadow. Color us excited!

Raekwon stars in car commercial

Raekwon – Carlyle Motor Company (Commercial) This is an interesting commercial. Not even a month since we saw the debut of Dr. Dre’s new Dr. Pepper commercial, Raekwon reports live to us with his new commercial/music video/hit track for the Carlyle Motor Company. Much respect to the dudes at Wu-Tang Corp who slid me this […]

The Sounds – Crossing The Rubicon

Artist: The Sounds Album: Crossing the Rubicon Genre: New Wave/Dance Label: Original Signal Helsingborg, Sweedens The Sounds have released their third album, Crossing the Rubicon, and like it’s predecessor, it is a good album. Crossing the Rubicon is also a very fun album. This is where almost all of the albums highlights and pitfalls stem […]

Mos Def performs on Letterman

Mos Def – Quiet Dog (performed 6/8) I watched this last night when it aired and was very impressed with Mos Def’s performance. He was very straight forward and serious, but at the same time showed the passion of his music in his eyes. Nothing makes me happier than seeing a veteran in the hip-hop […]

The Friday Night Boys – Off The Deep End

Artist: The Friday Night Boys Album: Off The Deep End Genre: Pop Rock Label: Fueled by Ramen I think I have to deal with the fact that pop rock is not what it use to be and that may simply be a sign I’m getting older. Pop punk or pop rock use to have attitude, […]

Eyes Set To Kill – The World Outside

Artist: Eyes Set To Kill Album: The World Outside Genre: Screamo/Popcore Label: Break Silence After two successful releases using nearl the same exact tracks [just a difference in distribution], Eyes Set Kill are back with their Sophomore effort, The World Outside. The band has gone on record [quite recently] saying this record was written with […]

Escape The Fate post new video

The latest single from This War Is Ours is “10 Miles Wide” and the band has released a video to help promote it. I know their not everyone’s cup of tea, but we at UTG fully endorse you listening to them.

An Interview with Kwame

Super producer Kwame recently answered a few questions our intern [UTG Brandon] had for him: What upcoming projects are on the horizon for you to finish out the rest of 2009? It is still the mid way point of the year but what I have worked on /working on so far in 09 are 2 […]