The Judgment of Paris – EP

l_a474d7d30e554bc692e1b4336daf0223Artist: Judgment of Paris
Album: EP

I was sitting around at work one day minding my own business when I was suddenly placed with a special opportunity; to review a fellow UTG writer/friend’s band. I pounced on the chance to do this since, as we all know, friends are the best critics *wink*. Our friend, Kyle Vienna plays guitar in a 5- piece alternative rock group from Grand Rapids, Michigan named The Judgment of Paris.

The EP is only a short 3 tracks but you can get a feel from their sound as soon as the first track starts up. The first track “Sparrows Song” is my favorite on this EP in particular because of the chorus. It has chugging guitar riffs encompassed with a pendulum-like vocal display from Andy. I say this for the reason that he starts in a lower key, gets higher with his screaming for a brief moment and then falls back into the original key. If you listened to it care fully you’ll catch it. Coming in second literally and figuratively is “Blue to Red” which has a Senses Fail kind of vibe to it with fast paced guitar leads and drumming to accompany. The third track “Twilight” needs some work in terms of their lead singer dragging on the verses too long. What else is kind of irritating is that the drumming is boring and repetitive.

They clearly switch their approach to each song and try to make it catchy and powerful with each attempt. On the other hand I feel more work needs to be added in terms of the song composition aspect with each instrument. Aside from that point I feel that they can do good things. If these guys keep on the path they are going to write their full length album the results should speak for themselves.

Check out their MySpace and add them as a friend: The Judgement of Paris

Written by Grant Trimboli

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