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Glass Cloud Announce New EP, Stream New Single

Earlier today Glass Cloud announced a new EP, the release date, and released the very first single. The EP is titled Perfect War Forever, and it will hit stores October 22 via Equal Vision Records. Pre-orders are up for it already as well, and you can grab a copy of the EP here. Their first […]

Taylor Swift Cast In ‘The Giver’ Film Adaptation

Monday of this week I was excited, worried, and a mix of other emotions while writing about the newly announced The Giver film adaptation. I, at my core, am excited to see Lois Lowry’s great work transcribed for the screen, though I am skeptical as The Giver is one of my favorite works of fiction, […]

Arcade Fire Will Perform a Special Concert After SNL

Saturday Night Live will start up again this upcoming Saturday with Tina Fey hosting and Arcade Fire taking the musical guest spot. People are already buzzing with excitement about the combination of the two, but now there’s even more to look forward to. After SNL finishes, Arcade Fire will give a 30-minute special concert that […]

M.I.A. Teams Up With Versace

She’s definitely got her own style, and she definitely has the moves to pull it off, so naturally the next step for M.I.A. is to pull in to Paris Fashion Week with a possible new line of clothes. Turns out Versace will be looping in the singer after already working with Migos and Drake to close […]

LISTEN: Living Ghosts – ‘Forever & A Day’

Living Ghosts, the one man spoken word/post-rock project of California musician Ray Bolado, has released a brand new EP entitled Forever & A Day. For those who enjoy the idea of a mixture of acts such as Listener and Hotel Books, this record is not one to sleep on as Living Ghosts provides an instrumentally […]

Jude Law Talks Up “Smarter And Cleverer” Sherlock Holmes 3

Guy Ritchie’s take on legendary detective Sherlock Holmes may not be to everyone’s tastes – I have at least one purist friend who regards it as an aberration of nature – but there’s no denying it’s a much looser, more broadly entertaining interpretation of the character than anything that has gone before. In a popular […]

Stay Classy! Ron Burgundy Turned Into Action Figure

“Hello Barbie, I’m Ron Burgundy?” I think we all know what your bland cubicle has been missing. Soon enough you could have your very own 13? tall statue of Ron Burgundy. It’ll look great next to your red Swingline stapler. In November, you can purchase the talking toy from the Big Bad Toy Store, making […]

Hear CHVRCHES Cover Whitney Houston

In a rather brave move, Scotland’s indie electronic trio CHVRCHES have covered one of the greatest anthems out there, Whitney Houston‘s “It’s Not Right But It’s Ok.” The sassy R&B track is for all the wronged lovers out there, and CHVRCHES’s cover loses a bit of its power in the process. Their electro-pop sound is […]

Metallica’s 3D Film Hits IMAX Today: Clips Posted

Generations of metalheads are laughing at anyone who ever doubted the relevance and importance of heavy metal to the world of music. Today, IMAX movie theaters around the country will be playing Metallica’s own 3D film entitled Through The Never. The film’s structure parallels between the story of a roadie named Trip and live footage […]

Silverstein Release “I Will Illuminate” Lyric Video

Earlier this summer, we caught up with Josh Bradford of Silverstein at the Vans Warped Tour. We discussed the overwhelming response to the new album This Is How The Wind Shifts and Bradford explained how it’s the first album that has received both critical acclaim and immense fan-support in a while. Below the jump you […]

REVIEW: Saves The Day – ‘Saves The Day’

Artist: Saves The Day Album: Saves The Day Genre: Pop Punk Label: Equal Vision Records Proteins are puzzles, massive collections of molecules and amino acids, chained together to create specific functions throughout our bodies. What is most interesting about these proteins is the way in which they are ordered together, and how influential that is […]


Film: Don Jon Starring: Joseph Gordon-Levitt Genre: Dramedy If Don Jon were created by anyone else I would say it’s the best indie surprise of the year, but I don’t think anyone doubted the skills of Joseph Gordon-Levitt before now, and they certainly won’t after seeing this film. People do not always think about it, […]