Metallica’s 3D Film Hits IMAX Today: Clips Posted

Generations of metalheads are laughing at anyone who ever doubted the relevance and importance of heavy metal to the world of music.

Today, IMAX movie theaters around the country will be playing Metallica’s own 3D film entitled Through The Never. The film’s structure parallels between the story of a roadie named Trip and live footage of Metallica rocking out. By October 4, you’ll be able to see it almost anywhere.

“The film was amazing- and in the utmost Metallica style epic, groundbreaking, bar raising, and immortalizing. The sound crystal clear, the live performances – pure Metallica, authentic, energetic, inspiring and massive, if there is one thing that Metallica teaches us it is that you cannot fake great metal. In some respects I feel like the film is a modern day The Song Remains The Same. Whether you like metal/hard rock or not- I recommend this awesome film. Incredible story performance as well as special effects. – Maria Ferrero, Adrenaline PR

Check out below the jump for clips from the film and be sure to check your local listings to see rock history on the big screen.

Derek Scancarelli
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One Response to “Metallica’s 3D Film Hits IMAX Today: Clips Posted”

  1. Uzi Peretz says:

    brought back plenty of great memories. awesome set list. cool concept. pushed those imax speakers to the brink of doom. totally worth the 20 bux.