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Kendrick Lamar Allegedly Disses Drake During BET Awards Cypher

There’s been quite a bit of stir in the hip hop world lately, and artists are dissing on each other in what seems like a daily basis. Though that in itself isn’t necessarily new to the music scene, it essentially comes with the territory. Big Sean released “Control,” featuring Kendrick Lamar, which took aim at […]

Calvin Harris Premieres Remix Clip Of The Killers’ Song, “When You Were Young”

The Killers will be releasing Direct Hits, which is a collection of the band’s greatest hits over the years. The deluxe edition of the album will feature a demo version of “Mr Brightside,” a brand new track, and a remix of “When You Were Young” by EDM artist Calvin Harris. A couple of days ago […]

Government Shutdown Prompts Kevin Devine To Debut “Fiscal Cliff”

Since the days of Vietnam and flower children, music has provided countless individuals with a platform through which to voice their disdain for various national happenings. Earlier this evening, Kevin Devine did just that by streaming “Fiscal Cliff,” the third song to be released off his upcoming album Bubblegum, in “cracked celebration” of the current […]

Drop Everything And Watch Guillermo del Toro’s Opening Sequence for ‘The Simpsons’ Halloween Special

This is without a doubt the coolest thing you will see today. Following up on a story we brought you in September, Fox has released director Guillermo del Toro‘s ‘couch gag’ sequence for The Simpsons‘ upcoming halloween special, Treehouse of Horror XXIV. The clip features a horror-themed parody of the entire opening sequence to the […]

Spencer Chamberlain Admits He Lost Everything When Underøath Split

In a recent interview with Alternative Press, the ex-frontman of Underøath, Spencer Chamberlain, opened up about what’s been going on after the band split. You never really think about what happens to the individual members once a band breaks up, and with what Spencer has to say about his specific situation you can see that […]

Beartooh Release Video For “Pick Your Poison”

Beartooth revealed a live music video from their set at this year’s Vans Warped Tour. The video features different clips from the band’s experience playing at Warped, with the studio version of “Pick Your Poison” playing over it. You can check out the video by taking a look below the jump. “Pick Your Poison” is […]

First Poster For ‘Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit’ Revealed

With a saddened mindset on Tuesday we posted news that the well-earned fiction writer Tom Clancy, passed away. Clancy’s legacy still lives on today in almost all forms of media, ranging from books, movies, and video games. A lot of my childhood was spent playing the Splinter Cell, and Ghost Recon video game series on […]

UTG LIST: Favorite Halloween Songs

October is finally here, and UTG couldn’t be more excited for Halloween to show itself. Under the Gun Review has the difficult task of deciding which movies to include in our 31 Days of Halloween countdown, but now we’ve decided to sling together some of our favorite Halloween songs along the way to make the […]

MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Metallica: Through The Never’

Movie: Metallica: Through The Never Director: Nimród Antal I sat and stared at my computer screen for quite some time before I was really ready to formulate any kind of cohesive thought on my experiences while watching the new Metallica movie, Metallica: Through The Never. In some ways I am still attempting to dilute the […]

UTG’S 31 Days Of Halloween: ‘Chopping Mall’

Of all the holidays celebrated worldwide, no single day is more loved by the UTG staff than Halloween. With the arrival of October, the time has finally come to begin rolling out a plethora of features and special announcements we have prepared in celebration of our favorite day, including the one you’re about to read. […]

UTG PHOTOS: FLAG (9/19/13)

Under The Gun sent photographer, Derek Scancarelli, to photograph FLAG in New York City on September 19, 2013. There has been a whole load of controversy over who can properly deem the title of Black Flag. Given that there are currently two touring lineups performing songs written under that name, it can get quite confusing. […]

The Dead Weather Preview New Single

Jack White is still best known for his work with The White Stripes, but he has been a busy man since that group’s breakup in 2011. He is a member of a number of other bands, including The Dead Weather and The Raconteurs, he released his solo debut, Blunderbuss, in 2012, and he runs Third […]