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Check Out Calvin Harris’ Songs With Gwen Stefani And Big Sean

All the tracks off Calvin Harris’ new album are popping up at once. After getting the song with Ellie Goulding off Motion, tracks with Haim, Big Sean, and Gwen Stefani have all popped up over the last day or so. We already posted the Haim collaboration – check out the latter two, “Together” featuring Gwen Stefani […]

Calvin Harris Collaborating With Everyone, Teams With Haim For “Pray To God”

Calvin Harris grows more inescapable by the day. The hit-maker is releasing his new album, Motion, next week, and its tracklist is a star-studded one. Last week brought the Ellie Goulding track, “Outside;” this week, we get the Haim collaboration. Yet to come: songs with Gwen Stefani, Big Sean, Tinashe, and more. Though odd to hear […]

UTG Presents: Another Endless Summer (Free Music Compilation)

After far too many months of winter, and a spring that disappeared almost as quickly as it arrived, the time has finally come to shed the winter worries and down blankets for the heat and skimpy clothing of summer. Yes, that time of the year when students run free and the sun sets well after […]

Listen To Foster The People Cover Calvin Harris’ “Under Control”

I’ll be honest; I’m not a huge fan of cover songs. Frankly, I think actual songwriting is a much more effective way of determining a musicians worth, since just about anyone can copy other people’s work. That being said, occasionally I do run across a cover song that I legitimately enjoy, such as Foster the […]

Highest Paid Musicians Of 2013 Ranked By Forbes

Ready to throw up? If you’re in a cubicle like me right now, reading this list only makes you feel sad and inferior. Forbes has officially released their list of the highest paid musicians of 2013. All of these statistics aren’t based solely on record sales and concert tickets, but musicians with the highest total […]

Calvin Harris Premieres Remix Clip Of The Killers’ Song, “When You Were Young”

The Killers will be releasing Direct Hits, which is a collection of the band’s greatest hits over the years. The deluxe edition of the album will feature a demo version of “Mr Brightside,” a brand new track, and a remix of “When You Were Young” by EDM artist Calvin Harris. A couple of days ago […]

Calvin Harris Debuts “Thinking About You” Video

Another week, another music video walking the fine line between blatant nudity and art. Calvin Harris has released the official music video for his Ayah Marrar assisted single, “Thinking About You.” Opening in the kind of mansion you think of when picturing 90s hip hop videos, “Thinking About You” spends the better part of its […]

Calvin Harris Taps “Thinking About You” For Next Single

With “I Need Your Love” burning up at radio, the time has come for Calvin Harris to stake his new claim at chart domination. Opting to again reach into the deeper cuts from his recent album 18 Months, Harris has tapped “Thinking About You” featuring Ayah Marar as the his next single. The song, which […]

Calvin Harris Releases “I Need Your Love” Video Featuring Ellie Goulding

If Monday has you down in the dumps, there is an 80% chance the following video will change things entirely. Producer and pop music extraordinaire Calvin Harris has released the official music video for his Ellie Goulding assisted single, “I Need Your Love.” The visuals features a compilation of footage of the pair journeying around […]

Album Review: Calvin Harris – 18 Months

Artist: Calvin Harris Album: 18 Months Genre: Pop What you take away from Calvin Harris’ new album 18 Months, really depends on what you’re looking for when you’re listening. The fifteen tracks are all over the place in terms of sound. Set up like a Chinese buffet, the LP hits as many angles of the […]

Swedish House Mafia

Nine Concertgoers Stabbed At Swedish House Mafia Show; One Dead From Overdose

This week has started out with some seriously concerning news regarding Swedish House Mafia’s Dublin concert date this Saturday (July 7). The group are currently on their farewell tour, with Tinie Tempah and Calvin Harris, when a crazed fan stabbed as many as four people while other victims sustained injuries during fights with knives and […]

MUSIC VIDEO: Scissor Sisters – Baby Come Home

Scissor Sisters have returned to Under The Gun with their fantastic music video for the song “Baby Come Home” and it has us laughing the entire time. Filled with funny costumes, light-hearted visuals, and more bright colors to shake a stick at, this video definitely turns our perception of a goofy music video upside down. […]