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UTG EXCLUSIVE: Jocelyn Release ‘Seattle Someday’ EP Teaser

If there is a better way to spend your Sunday evening than discovering new music I haven’t found it (and frankly, I’m not sure I want to). Several months ago we stumbled across rising pop rock outfit Jocelyn and instantly fell in love. We featured them a number of times in news articles and knew […]

Lady Gaga Debuts “Dope”

Keeping fans hungry for her new album, Lady Gaga has come through with a brand new Artpop track ahead of the album’s official release. Set against a piano and stripped of essentially all genre influences, Gaga uses her latest album cut to vent her apologies and longing. She roars about love and the need for […]

‘Hatchet 3’ Director Releases Live-Action Recreation Of ‘Dead Island’ Game Teaser

Before the best-selling game Dead Island arrived in stores a cinematic trailer was released online that played like a short film told in reverse. A young girl was seen on the ground at the beginning of the clip, and as the story progressed you learned the fate of her family and everyone else on the […]

‘Batman vs. Superman’ Batsuit Inspired By ‘Batman: Noel’

It appears that news is floating around stating that Ben Affleck’s batsuit in DC’s next film, Batman vs. Superman, will be inspired by the 2011 graphic novel, Batman: Noel. The Noel incarnation of that caped crusader features a noticeably smaller set of ears on the cowl, and a much more defined eye brow, and jaw […]

Living Ghosts Release “Light”

Living Ghosts have revealed the second taste of their forthcoming EP, The Thought of Giving Up, with a song entitled “Light” that can be found after the jump. Clocking in at less than two minutes, the cut manages to pack in a whirlwind of emotions and ideas with an upbeat introduction that falls into a […]

Ender's Game

‘Ender’s Game’ Beats The Rest This Box Office Weekend

Between the recent premiere of Ender’s Game, a silver screen rendition of the 1985 novel by Orson Scott Card, and Gravity, it seems as if sci-fi movies have held a tight grip on being the most popular films of the past month. Early estimates have shown that the Gavin Hood-directed film has made at least […]

Rick Ross Releases Cinematic “No Games” Video

The hottest hip hop single of the fall has just been given one of the slickest videos in recent memory. Rick Ross has spoken in the past about releasing movies as music videos, but I am not sure he’s ever pulled it off before now. Partnering with Future, Ross has just delivered an epic clip […]

MOVIE REVIEW: ‘The Last Days On Mars’

Film: The Last Days On Mars Starring: Liev Schreiber Directed by: Ruairi Robinson Between Gravity and Europa Report 2013 has been a banner year for movies about space travel. We’ve seen a slew of new ideas presented on screen in films both critics and audiences adored, which in turn sparked a new demand for movies […]

UTG TICKET GIVEAWAY: Story Of The Year, Hawthorne Heights, Like Moths To Flames, and More at Irving Plaza (11/5)

Do you like shows? Do you like going to shows without paying for it? We’d like to help you indulge in that. Here’s how. We’ve got some tickets to give away for a very special show at Irving Plaza, NY this Tuesday. The show? Story of the Year playing Page Avenue in its entirety. Also […]

Adam Lazzara To Rejoin Taking Back Sunday Tour Tonight

Taking Back Sunday has spent the better part of the past month on the road with Polar Bear Club and Transit, but the last week of that tour has taken place without frontman Adam Lazzara, who promptly flew home to be with his wife and family for the unexpected early birth of his second child. […]