COMING SOON: UTG’s 31 Days Of Halloween Starts Next Week!

It’s that time of year again! For the fourth year in a row the entire month of October is dedicated to UTG’s love of scary movies. We have a slew of features planned, including interviews and ‘best of’ lists that are sure to whet your appetite for all things macabre, but the highlight of the site […]

‘Scream’ Is Now A TV Show & It Does Not Look Good

“You can’t do a slasher movie as a TV series.” It’s as if the characters in Scream — the official TV series based on Wes Craven’s hit film that is allegedly an over-the-top remake of the original film, stretched to ten hours in length — want you to hate them. The series’ first promos, which […]

Slipknot Keep It Creepy (And Sort Of Pointless) With Latest Album Teaser

I’m starting to believe that if you have seen one promotional video for the new Slipknot album you have more or less seen them all. It’s (k)not that I am (k)not excited for the new album, it’s just that I saw The Ring pull the same creepy motion effect a decade ago and as far […]

Watch Morrissey’s Bizarre ‘World Peace Is None Of Your Business’ Promo Video

Unofficial drama major and The Smiths frontman Morrissey is all set to release his brilliantly named new album, World Peace Is None Of Your Business, July 15 via Harvest. To promote the record, he’s released a video that’s not quite a teaser clip and not quite a music video. It’s a promo, for sure, but its contents […]

‘Hatchet 3’ Director Releases Live-Action Recreation Of ‘Dead Island’ Game Teaser

Before the best-selling game Dead Island arrived in stores a cinematic trailer was released online that played like a short film told in reverse. A young girl was seen on the ground at the beginning of the clip, and as the story progressed you learned the fate of her family and everyone else on the […]

Promo Poster For ‘The Raid 2: Berandal’

Fans knew that there would be a sequel to The Raid: Redemption sooner or later, and ever since it was announced that production would begin on the film fans have been patiently waiting for a glimpse of it. We’ve finally been graced with the first official promotional poster for The Raid 2: Berandal. You can […]

‘Resolution’ Directors Explain How Their Film Will Help Your Love Life

Here’s a little bit of quirky awesomeness for your Monday morning which is most likely a terrible start to your week. Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson’s Resolution is a helluva horror film and is one of our favorite of 2013. With a unique blend of eerie terror, comedy, and atmospheric scares, Resolution has set the […]

Bring Me The Horizon To Release “Anti-Vist”; Launching Promotional Campaign

Bring Me The Horizon aren’t the type of band to make any announcement low key. The band put up a tweet earlier today that spoke of an upcoming track off of Sempiternal titled “Anti-Vist”. More than simply telling fans to “stay tuned”, the Sheffield, UK group invited fans to actually participate through posting tweets with […]

G.O.O.D. Music ‘Cruel Summer’ Promo Video

UTG is on the edge of our seats waiting for the Cruel Summer compilation album to drop from the G.O.O.D. Music crew. The project hits the masses this coming Tuesday (September 18). Please head through the jump to watch the thirty-second promo video for Cruel Summer right here and pre-order it now on iTunes. Keep […]

AWESOME: Here’s Your First Look At A Blood-Soaked Chloe Moretz As “Carrie”

The announcement that Carrie was headed for the remake machine was one that no one saw as a surprise, but it did still leave many horror hounds on edge. Now production is fully underway and, for the most part, reports from the set have been relatively safe. We’ve seen a few buckets of blood and […]

WATCH: Kanye West & Jay-Z – N*ggas In Paris (NBA All Star Weekend Promo)

Kanye West & Jay-z have lent a remix of their latest single to the National Basketball Association. Proving only artists of their size can make the moves they can, Kanye & Jay-Z have partnered with the NBA to promote the upcoming NBA All-Star game with a remixed music video of “N*ggas In Paris.” A decade […]

WATCH: Katy Perry Impersonates Her Husband & Fails At Being Funny In New SNL Teasers

Katy Perry may hold the record for most number one singles off an album, but that still does not make her funny and her latest SNL promos showcase that better than our text ever could. As is customary with all Saturday Night Live hosts, Perry has recorded a series of commercials to promote her forthcoming […]