a fine frenzy

A Fine Frenzy – Bomb in a Birdcage

Artist: A Fine Frenzy Album: Bomb in a Birdcage Genre: Indie/Pop Label: Virgin Three years ago, a beautiful and hauntingly melodic young woman named Alison Sudol burst onto the national music scene with her record, One Cell In The Sea, under the name A Fine Frenzy. The response from the public was overwhelming and soon […]

A Fine Frenzy is “Blown Away”

A Fine Frenzy debuts her/their new sound in the video for new single, “Blown Away.” What do you think of the new sound?  Blow Away

A Fine Frenzy is BACK!

A Fine Frenzy, aka Alison Sudol and whatever group of people are backing her up that day, burst onto the music scene not too long ago with the haunting hit, “Almost Lover.” She was applauded critically and publicly for her beautiful vocals and the accompanying music composition and now, on September 8th, 2009, we get […]