It’s Worth It To Drop Whatever You’re Doing To Stream Tobias Jesso Jr.’s Debut Album, ‘Goon’

One of the very best albums of 2015 is streaming now, a week ahead of its scheduled release. Up until a few weeks ago, my favorite Tobias was a nevernude, sometimes painted blue and almost always speaking in innuendos. That was until I heard Tobias Jesso Jr. for the first time. Jesso Jr. is all […]

You Know You Want To Hear Jared Leto Sing Zedd’s “Stay The Night”

The internet is a wonderful place where cover songs emerge that no one ever thought would be created, let alone see the light of day. Today, that cover song arrives in the form of Thirty Seconds To Mars’ frontman Jared Leto performing a piano-led rendition of Zedd’s chart-topping hit, “Stay The Night.” Yes, you read […]

Watch Owen Pallett Make Radio Debut Playing “I Am Not Afraid”

Oscar-nominated singer, songwriter, composer, and Arcade Fire sidekick Owen Pallett will be dropping his fourth album, In Conflict, May 27 via Domino/Secret City. In anticipation, he stopped by Canadian CBC Radio One’s Studio Q show to play “I Am Not Afraid.” It’s both a world premiere of the song and of Pallett playing piano and singing on air. […]

HERE COME THE TEARS: Katy Perry Sings “Firework” with Autistic Child

Before you come running with pitchforks, give this post a chance. We talk a lot of smack about Katy Perry’s marketing decisions (which admittedly is only partially her fault), but this story is simply too moving to pass up. Recently, Katy Perry took the stage for Comedy Central’s autism benefit Night of Too Many Stars […]

HOLY SH!T: In Fear And Faith Premiere “Billie Jean” Cover

The three-year anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death passed earlier this week and Rise Records’ In Fear And Faith are paying their respects this morning with the release of a cover of “Billie Jean” that is sure to give you chills. No word yet on when, or if the clip will see the light of day […]

UTG TV: Tyler Carter – Fame Over Demise (Live @SXSW 2012)(First Show Ever)

Days after we brought you an exclusive listen to his new single, UTG TV returns with a second video from Tyler Carter’s live solo debut. “Fame Over Demise” is a song that any Woe, Is Me fan will recognize. The track was originally an anthemic jam played by the Rise Records act (and most likely […]

REVIEW: The Fray – Scars And Stories

Artist: The Fray Album: Scars and Stories Genre: Alternative rock Label: Epic Scars and Stories is, at once, a beautiful and intensely irritating record. This music can be gorgeous, human, haunting, and affecting – and it can also be first class, self-indulgent nonsense. It all depends on your level of tolerance for posturing. There’s a […]

The Maine Release Live “Inside Of You” Video

The Maine have been going the DIY route with their latest efforts and today released a live performance of their ballad “Inside Of You” for fans to enjoy. Captured on the group’s recent tour in support of Pioneer, the performance of “Inside Of You” released this morning shows the band (and song) in a whole […]

Dino Club covers The Beatles (video)

Dino Club mastermind (and author of Sex, Drugs, And Bubblegum Pop), Mr. Jayce, has released a piano cover of The Beatles “Across The Universe.” The cover, which you can stream after the jump, was recorded earlier today at Jayce’s home, apparently out of “boredom.” Boredom or not, it’s awesome. Click through now and enjoy.

Andrew McMahon plays “My Racing Thoughts” stripped

Jack’s Mannequin is filling the feeds today. First, they released a music video for “Television”. Now, Buzzfeed has posted a stripped down video of Andrew and his keyboard performing JM’s single “My Racing Thoughts”. You can watch this special performance by clicking “Read On.” So, ….

Ramin Niroomand

In Fear and Faith post “Silence is Screaming” piano solo video

We at Under The Gun will say it time after time, Ramin Niroomand is phenomenal. To say that watching his piano playing is a spectacle is just short of explaining the experience. The pure talent he brings to the keys will forever haunt my playlists. I can only wish that someday I’ll be able to […]

Ramin Niroomand (In Fear And Faith) Performs Piano Solo

Our good friend Ramin Niroomand, of In Fear And Faith, seems to always be working on new material and we have got a recent video that showcases more awesome material. No word yet if this could be incorporated in an upcoming IFAF song but we will have more information on this as it is revealed. […]