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UTG Video Premiere: Astro Safari USA – “Do You Like To Party”

Grab your lover and a cup of your favorite drink because Astro Safari USA have returned with a new music video that is sure to get the party started no matter where you find yourself today. It has admittedly been a few months since Astro Safari USA graced the front page of Under The Gun, […]

UTG LIST: The Best Releases You Might Have Missed From The First Half of 2014

If there’s one thing 2014 has brought us thus far it is an array of fantastic music. It seems as though every week there is a new record released that needs to be thrown into the consideration for album of the year. For our mid-year review at Under The Gun, we wanted to bring you […]

Astro Safari USA Release A Freestyle Rap Cover Of “She Looks So Perfect”

Oh, Astro Safari USA. You know what the world needs and you deliver it without anyone ever needing to make a single request. While 5 Seconds Of Summer are making a strong argument for being the next band your little sister cannot stop talking about, Astro Safari USA are piggybacking on the success of the […]

UTG Album Premiere: Astro Safari USA – ‘Trapman’

It’s hard to summarize Astro Safari USA in a single descriptive phrase, let alone figure out which genre their sound falls under, but if you like pizza, cats, rap, and everything else the internet thrives on for positivity you probably owe it to yourself to give the following album a few minutes of your time. […]

Move Over Batman, “Trapman” is The Hero Pop Music Needs

If you have never heard of Astro Safari USA before this moment you’re about to have a very, very exciting Friday. A lot of people have been fortunate enough to portray Batman over the last hundred years. Christian Bale, George Clooney, Adam West, an eccentric billionaire named Bruce Wayne, and more. Only one person has […]

Astro Safari USA Cover Eminem, Release “Rap God” Music Video

We have been singing the praises of Astro Safari USA for months. From quirky pop rock anthems about living the average life, to colorful videos bursting with originality there seems to be nothing the two can’t do. Now they’ve set their sights on covering a living rap icon, and the results are something you need […]

STREAM: Astro Safari USA Unveil “BOMB.COM” Music Video

Astro Safari USA may be a misfit crew of knuckleheads, but they are no strangers to writing top-notch music with high quality production to accompany it. The group raps and rhymes about subject matter ranging from 90’s basketball stars up to pondering the extra-terrestrial. The band has had a few name changes, from JP & […]

Astro Safari USA Debut “Oh My Lord”

The heat continues to pummel us here in New England, but the latest single from Astro Safari USA promises to help you stay cool even when the temperature hits record highs in the months ahead. Featuring former Sex, Drugs, and Bubblegum Pop writer Jayce, Astro Safari USA is the latest pop rock group to emerge […]