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UTG LIST: The Best Releases You Might Have Missed From The First Half of 2014

If there’s one thing 2014 has brought us thus far it is an array of fantastic music. It seems as though every week there is a new record released that needs to be thrown into the consideration for album of the year. For our mid-year review at Under The Gun, we wanted to bring you […]

UTG Exclusive: Producer Joey Sturgis Picks His 10 Favorite Projects

I am almost certain there has not been a single day in the last few years of this website where we have not discussed at least one artist who has producer Joey Sturgis to thank (at least in part) for their success. His work on The Devil Wears Prada’s first releases ushered in a new […]

REVIEW: Peace’d Out – Peace’d Out

Artist: Peace’d Out Album: Peace’d Out Genre: Hardcore Label: Siren The last time I was in New York City, my friend Billy and I had cupcakes from Magnolia’s on 53rd street, and then we got vanilla milkshakes at a Mr. Softy’s. I’d never had Mr. Softy before, and the woman running the show immediately told […]

The Sound Alarm’s top albums of 2010

Our friends over at The Sound Alarm have been posting their album of the year picks all week. Start here with Editor Kayley Guyette’s choices and see who topped their charts and won their hearts in 2010.

NME announces their top 75 albums of 2010

Just days before we launch the UTG year end lists, NME have announced their favorite albums of the year. Did your favorite record make the cut?

Best of 2009/Our 2,000th Post!

What you’re looking at right now is the 2000th post in the history of Under The Gun Review. We’ve been waiting all day to bring this to you along with the two exclusives to UTG that will follow shortly, but first: The UTG Staff’s “Best of 2009” Lists James Shotwell – Owner/Founder/Editor ALBUMS OF THE […]