Barack Obama

Snoop Dogg Smokes Up The White House

Snoop dee-oh-double-gee admitted to getting Presidentially high while chatting with Jimmy Kimmel on his GGN radio show, according to an article published by NME. The master of chronic told listeners that he lit up a joint while sliding past security in the restroom. Snoops explained how he escaped the ‘alphabet boys’ (FBI and CIA) to […]

Barack Obama Tries Comedy On ‘Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis’

President Barack Obama is the last person we ever expected to see sitting opposite Zach Galifianakis on the comedian’s Funny Or Die series, Between Two Ferns, but I guess when you have to reach the youth of America in 2014 there is no better way than attempting to create a viral sensation. The most viewed […]

More Than 180,000 People Want To See Justin Bieber Deported From The US

It’s time to celebrate democracy in the modern age, everyone! Not that long ago, the Obama administration added a section to the White House website that allows any citizen with an idea to open a new digital petition. If that petition earns more than 100,000 signatures the Obama administration is required to issue a formal […]

Michelle Obama is Releasing a Rap Album

Michelle Obama is putting out a rap album. Go ahead. Rub your eyes as much as you want, but what you just read isn’t going to change. Yes, Michelle Obama, the First Lady of the United States of America, is releasing a rap album next month. It’s not a response to the Lil Debbie and […]

Ted Nugent Defends George Zimmerman Decision, Calls Obama Racist

I used to think Dave Mustaine of Megadeth was the worst when it came to speaking his mind in an idiotic way, but Ted Nugent is making deep strides to be the most out of touch white person around. The Nuge said in an op-ed piece with Rare that he supported the George Zimmerman jury’s […]

STREAM/DOWNLOAD: Young Jeezy – “We Done It Again”

Barack Obama has once again been elected President of the United States and Young Jeezy is wasting absolutely no time giving him a new anthem. From the same mind that gave us “My President” in 2008 comes the on-the-not, but still just as empowering follow-up, “We Done It Again.” This one is a bit shorter […]

Bob Dylan Presented With Medal Of Freedom

Yesterday was a memorable day for Bob Dylan because he was presented with the Medal of Freedom at the White House by President Barack Obama. He is among 13 recipients of the United States’ highest civilian award. To your left is the official picture of Obama presenting him with the prestigious award. Barack Obama had […]

President Obama Slow Jams News With Jimmy Fallon

President Obama decided to turn his swag all the way up for his latest appearance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. Fallon invited the North Carolina audience, at Chapel Hill, to witness Obama on the “Slow Jam The News” segment and it is priceless. He discusses the college tuition hikes and what he is doing […]

Regina Spektor Performance

at the White House

Thirty Seconds to Mars Talk with Spinner

In the short video interview, the guys answer questions on topics as diverse as the band’s musical evolution, their close relationship with their fans, and their dream musical collaboration – the Commander-in-Chief himself, Barack Obama.