Ted Nugent Defends George Zimmerman Decision, Calls Obama Racist

I used to think Dave Mustaine of Megadeth was the worst when it came to speaking his mind in an idiotic way, but Ted Nugent is making deep strides to be the most out of touch white person around. The Nuge said in an op-ed piece with Rare that he supported the George Zimmerman jury’s decision – a debatable but fair stance by itself – but added a lot of unnecessary racial comments afterward.

Ted Nugent said Zimmerman’s gun usage was “…the purest form of self-defense there isit is exactly why people who believe in good over evil carry a gun to protect themselves from the well documented violence that plagues our country, in order to save our lives from a life threatening attack. Period.”

“…And so it was for a few weeks until the race-baiting industry saw an opportunity to further the racist careers of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, the Black Panthers, President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder, who then swept down on the Florida community refusing to admit that the 17-year-old dope smoking, racist gangsta wannabe Trayvon Martin was at all responsible for his bad decisions and standard modus operendi of always taking the violent route.

While the full column has a wide array of racial accusations towards people who aren’t of his skin color and haven’t had the history of repressing other races (seriously Ted, make an adjustment on your world perspective), my personal favorite ridiculous quote is the following: “Martin Luther King Jr. is rolling over in his grave that he sacrificed his life for the cause of judging people by the content of their character instead of the color of their skin, as so many of his own race carry in in self-destructive behavior while professional race mongers blame everything on racism. It is painful and heartbreaking to say and write this, but horrifically it is true. Blacks kill more blacks in a weekend in Chicago than the evil, vile Ku Klux Klan idiots did in 50 years.”

In the end, it doesn’t seem Nugent is actually racist or anything of the sort; he just comes off like an idiotic white man who has no knowledge of African American history or repression, and assumes because he isn’t racist, all people who think some white people are racist are racist themselves. Reading the piece brought back horrifying memories of “Accidental Racist.”

No word yet on whether anyone who watched his redneck hunting show know what institutional racism is. To read the full column, click here.

Dan Bogosian
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4 Responses to “Ted Nugent Defends George Zimmerman Decision, Calls Obama Racist”

  1. Kriston McConnell says:


  2. Ted Nugent Death Watch says:

    No, no, you’re giving Ted WAY too much credit. He’s a racist.

  3. clete tully says:

    How is that racist? the first card minorities play is the race card. they always feel they are shorted because of their race, not their own laziness or lack of effort. maybe they could stop blaming “white America” and get off their asses and work to better their own situation. and white people who still feel guilty for stupid shit our ignorant ancestors did, only make the race card playable.

  4. Bu La'ia says:

    You know, who cares what it was. Time to stop figuring out if everything is politically correct.I feel like Trayvons name is being trampled on, all this division. Lets all concentrate on people as a whole- HUMANITY. Be your brother’s keeper. We are all one. Please remember this.

    This was written by our Chief of Police, Sheriff Mike Scott, (Ft Myers, Fl.), He had an invitation to a NAACP event soliciting financial support. He was sending a decline with an explanation. He was called a racist for wanting answers, wanting to know why ALL murdered black men do not deserve this attention.

    Lee County Branch NAACP
    3903 Dr. Martin Luther King Boulevard
    Fort Myers, FL 33916
    Attn. President James Muwakkil
    Dear President Muwakkil: