Free Dethklok Performance on a Battleship at ‘San Diego Comic-Con’ Tonight

Your favorite animated-turned-real-life death metal outfit Dethklok will be performing their first live set of 2012 tonight in San Diego at the multi-genre convention, Comic-Con. If that’s not cool enough, the band, fronted by Metalocalypse creator and super shredder extraordinaire Brendon Small, will be performing aboard the USS Midway battleship. The current line-up will feature […]


The beginning of June saw the rise of another “blockbuster” as Snow White And The Huntsman takes the top spot at the box office last weekend. Somehow people managed to love the fairy tale rehash despite it being met with some pretty bad reviews. It goes to show you that the producers in Hollywood are great […]

EDITORIAL: “Battleship: Why the $200 Million Dollar Bonanza Sunk At the Box Office”

Is there any movie that can stop The Avengers? Now in its fourth week of release, the record-breaking action extravaganza has demolished or weakened every contender it has faced at the box office. Case in point: Universal Picture’s Battleship, a $209 million production that may actually torpedo its producer’s annual profits into a loss. The […]


The Avengers have finally been dethroned as Men In Black 3 takes the top spot at the box office this week. After nearly a month on top The Avengers drops to second place while the family friendly Will Smith movie, Men In Black 3 wins over American audiences despite luke-warm reviews. Battleship continues to sink, and newly released Chernobyl […]


Once again The Avengers can not be defeated. Marvel’s hit superhero movie tops the chart yet again, making more than the three new major releases made combined. Taking second place this week was Battleship, which has proved that a board game no one plays after they turn 14 is a bad subject for a movie. […]


Now that Avengers-mania is starting to calm down there are some new releases to check out in theaters this weekend. For the mindless action fans Battleship finally sets sail, although early reviews are not leaning towards it being a “hit”. What To Expect When You’re Expecting is also being released this weekend so all you parents […]

MOVIE REVIEW: Battleship

Film: Battleship Director: Peter Berg Movie studios tend not to be celebrated for their tact, vision, or thoughtful approach to moviemaking. At least, not the bigger ones. So when word came in last year that we would be treated to a big-screen version of a largely defunct Hasbro game (am I the only one who […]

DAMMIT: Rihanna Being Considered For Whitney Houston Biopic

Today’s hyper-connected society has given us all the ability to not only discover, but grow tired of things fast than ever. If something big happens, you need to capitalize on it right away, which begins to explain the madness currently happening in Hollywood. Though her corpse has only recently met the Earth, Popdust reports music […]


Months after we first got a look at next year’s contender for worst idea put on the silver screen, a brand new trailer Battleship has surfaced online. In our latest clip of Peter Berg’s best Michael Bay impression, a shit ton of things explode, yet nothing at all catches our interest. You see a lot […]


When word broke that Hollywood execs had begun buying up board game properties, I’m sure we all felt the familiar shiver of Clue: The Movie creeping up our spines. I mean really, how can anyone turn a turn-based board game into a film that works on a massive scale? Today I learned the answer to […]