DAMMIT: Rihanna Being Considered For Whitney Houston Biopic

Today’s hyper-connected society has given us all the ability to not only discover, but grow tired of things fast than ever. If something big happens, you need to capitalize on it right away, which begins to explain the madness currently happening in Hollywood.

Though her corpse has only recently met the Earth, Popdust reports music executive Clive Davis is already trying to get a biopic on Whitney Houston’s career underway. There is no studio yet, nor a script, but a list of actresses being considered for the lead is making the rounds and Ms. Umbrella-ella-ella herself made the cut, along with actual film talents such as Vivica A. Fox, Jennifer Hudson and Jordin Sparks.

Now I have nothing against Rihanna as a musician and could honestly care less if she thinks it’s a wise decision to become friends with the guy who beat the shit out of her, but I need to put my foot down when it comes to casting her for such a role. Her only film, Battleship, has yet to even ben seen, so why in deity’s name would you go and try to cast her as Whitney? Further, speaking solely from an artistic standpoint, the demands of being Whitney requires the kind of talent Jennifer Hudson possesses, not the ass-shaking hijinks of a girl with too much attitude and not enough self-control.

What do you think? Should they be chasing a Whitney Houston movie already and if so, is Rihanna the best choice as lead? Comment below and let us know.

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