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Brandon Bolmer (ex-Chiodos) Premieres “Light Years”

Former Chiodos vocalist Brandon Bolmer is wasting no time moving on in his musical endeavors and earlier today released the a new track from his latest project, Maskarade. Entitled “Light Years,” one of the first tracks to surface from Maskarade blends electronic familiarities with Bolmer’s own brand of rock and roll. His croon is undeniable, […]

Chiodos Release Statement Regarding The Departure Of Tanner And Brandon

Chiodos is coming into the picture to give all of their fans an official statement regarding the state of the band. The guys touch on losing both their vocalist Brandon Bolmer and drummer Tanner Wayne earlier today. There is no word yet of whether or not Craig Owens has decided to join the team but […]

BREAKING: Brandon Bolmer and Tanner Wayne Leave CHIODOS

Following rumors of Craig Owens’ potential return, Chiodos have officially announced the departure of Brandon Bolmer and Tanner Wayne. News of Bolmer and Wayne’s departure broke earlier today on Chiodos’ official Facebook (which had previously been dormant for months). A statement from Bolmer reads: Over the past 5 months or so, I have received a […]

MUSIC VIDEO: Chiodos – Notes In Constellations

Watch Chiodos‘ music video for “Notes In Constellations” off of their recent album Illuminaudio. Frontman Brandon Bolmer had a few words to say about the meaning of the song in general. He stated, The song was originally written about two lovers who were forced to part ways from one another. After his death, the song […]

Chiodos’ New Album

Chiodos will release their third full-length album, Illuminaudio, on October 5th. The album will be the debut Chiodos recording for new lead vocalist Brandon Bolmer. More info after the jump!

Chiodos Album Art And Track List

Check out the artwork and track listing for “Illuminaudio” after the jump.

Chiodos Performing with NEW Singer

3 LIVE Videos

Chiodos is Back [video]

Footage from Bamboozle Left as Bolmer takes over vocals.

Chiodos play first show with new frontman

Playing third on the six-band bill between Every Avenue and the Cab, Chiodos took the stage after a short delay due to technical difficulties.

Chiodos Interview with NEW lead singer Brandon Bolmer

Fast forward six months and Owens has been replaced by Brandon Bolmer, formerly of Yesterday’s Rising, and the band is working on the follow-up to the critically acclaimed ‘Bone Palace Ballet.’

New Chiodos Vocalist Revealed?

According to reports on SupJustin, BRANDON BOLMER of Yesterday’s Rising will be replacing Craig Owens in Chiodos. Check out a sample of his previous work below. Thoughts? UPDATE: THIS IS NOW CONFIRMED.