Chiodos Release Statement Regarding The Departure Of Tanner And Brandon

Chiodos is coming into the picture to give all of their fans an official statement regarding the state of the band. The guys touch on losing both their vocalist Brandon Bolmer and drummer Tanner Wayne earlier today. There is no word yet of whether or not Craig Owens has decided to join the team but […]

The Classic Crime Explain Kickstarter Campaign Feedback

The Classic Crime recently had to backpedal after statements were made by band members, in light of their successful Kickstarter campaign. The band took some time and energy to explain the entire event and break down the financial situation for the members of TCC. Read what they had to say below and comment through the […]

The Return of Jesse Leach

Killswitch Engage Offer Official Statement Regarding Jesse Leach

Two days ago, Under The Gun brought you news of a simple picture that was posted on Killswitch Engage‘s website. This picture featured former singer Jesse Leach as a part of the band again. We now have an official statement from the group, and Jesse himself, about his return to Killswitch. Read both by simply […]