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MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Annie’ May Be The Worst Film Of The Year

Film: Annie Starring: Quvenzhané Wallis, Jamie Foxx Directed by: Will Gluck In a year riddled with horrible misfires and unnecessary sequels, it’s a little shocking that the worst film of all is a remake of a musical that has long been thought to be timeless. Will Gluck has delivered the updated version of Annie no […]


Film: Sex Tape Starring: Cameron Diaz, Jason Segel Directed by: Jake Kasdan From beginning to end, Sex Tape feels like a film that arrived in theaters a decade too late. There is not a single frame that is in any way sexy or sensual, and very few offer any substantial laughs. There is a sex […]

‘Bang Bang’ Trailer: This ‘Knight and Day’ Bollywood Remake Looks Incredible

We don’t talk about Bollywood films as much as we probably should, but today I saw a trailer I could not resist posting here on UTG. There was a film a few years back starring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz called Knight And Day. In the film, which critics and audiences did not care for, […]

‘Captain America’ Falls Before ‘The Other Woman’

Captain America: The Winter Soldier sure did fight the good fight for two straight weeks, but as of this weekend, the production’s been dethroned by The Other Woman. With sales scraping in at about $24.7 million, Cameron Diaz’s latest is topping the Marvel film by an estimated $8.7 million. Further on our list of this […]

Watch The Trailer For Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel’s ‘Sex Tape’

Hopefully this new movie from Jason Segel will soften the blow that was the How I Met Your Mother series finale. In Sex Tape he stars alongside Cameron Diaz and after the two make a sex tape (obviously) and lose it to the cloud, things go awry. Diaz and Segel play a married couple who […]

Nicki Minaj Makes Acting Debut Alongside Cameron Diaz In ‘The Other Woman’

She’s not the star, but Nicki Minaj does play a role in helping Cameron Diaz in the upcoming RomCom The Other Woman. After Diaz finds out she’s dating a married man, she seeks the advice of a friend – played by Minaj. Other than that the film centers on Diaz’s character teaming up with the […]


“f there is one thing we are learning in Summer 2011, it is that Hollywood can turn anything into a bad idea. It used to be people dreaded sequels, now we dread superhero films (thanks Green Lantern!) and after this weekend, some may even be more cautious of raunchy comedy. “