‘Bang Bang’ Trailer: This ‘Knight and Day’ Bollywood Remake Looks Incredible

We don’t talk about Bollywood films as much as we probably should, but today I saw a trailer I could not resist posting here on UTG.

There was a film a few years back starring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz called Knight And Day. In the film, which critics and audiences did not care for, a girl (Diaz) gets mixed up with a spy (Cruise) who is trying to clear his name. Chaos and romance soon ensue, as you can probably guess, but for whatever reason the film did not perform well when it was released.

Fast forward to 2014. Cruise and Diaz may have moved on from the world of Knight And Day, but not everyone is ready to let go just yet. A new Bollywood remake of the film is hitting theaters this fall under the title Bang Bang, and early this morning FOX released the film’s first trailer. In it, viewers meet the film’s leads and see glimpses of their blossoming romance, but more importantly those watching are also treated to a barrage of special effects and action sequences that look far more over-the-top than anything found in the original film. You can view the trailer below:

“I spent three years writing the film. The kind of action you’ll get to see here has hardly been attempted in the industry before,” Director Siddharth Anand said about Bang Bang! in a statement released at the same time as the trailer. “It’s a blend of action and romance in the truest sense. I am really happy with the way Hrithik and Katrina have infused life into their characters.”

Bang Bang will begin arriving in US theaters this October. Check your local listings to learn when it opens in your area.

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  1. Film Cutting says:

    Can’t believe it’s happening in Bollywood.Should be fun to watch.