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Roy English

Roy English releases the FearLove EP

It’s been three and a half years since the release of Eye Alaska’s successful full length Genesis Underground. It’s  been almost as long since the band went AWOL. For an extended amount of time, singer Brandon Wronski took some time to himself to figure out exactly what he was doing. In September, he had it […]

Canary Dynasty

STREAM/DOWNLOAD: Canary Dynasty – Ceilings

The other day we revealed to the world the new sounds of former Eye Alaska vocalist, Roy English (Brandon Wronski). Today we have a new track from Canary Dynasty, a related project. Former Eye Alaska guitarist Cameron Trowbridge (Cameron Alexander) seems to lead of this one, however the two are working together on both projects. […]

Roy English

Former Eye Alaska frontman unveils new project

There are times when it becomes difficult to keep up with all of your favorite bands. Today is a great example of one of those occasions. You see, it came as a complete surprise to me when I found out Eye Alaska had dissipated 2 weeks ago. Just today I was listening to Genisis Underground […]