Roy English releases the FearLove EP

Roy English

It’s been three and a half years since the release of Eye Alaska’s successful full length Genesis Underground. It’s  been almost as long since the band went AWOL.

For an extended amount of time, singer Brandon Wronski took some time to himself to figure out exactly what he was doing. In September, he had it all figured out and announced that Eye Alaska would be no more. Instead, with Eye Alaska guitarist, Cameron Trowbridge by his side, Brandon would take on the new moniker, Roy English. Under the Canary Dynasty that the two formed, a brand new project, far beyond Eye Alaska in heart and creativity, was born.

Tonight the culmination of their hard work and soul will spill out over the strings of the World Wide Web and into the ears of countless kids and adults. FearLove is the debut EP of Roy English and is one of the most critical releases this year. You can download the EP on iTunes.

Jacob Tender
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