Watch St. Vincent Perform and Chat on ‘The Colbert Report’

Last night St. Vincent stopped by The Colbert Report for quite the chat as well as two bad ass performances. She’s a rock goddess, and Colbert is well aware of that. He gave her a lot of praise (calling her new record the “Top Rated self-titled album”) and got some good lines out of the newly […]

Watch Pussy Riot’s Interview With Colbert

Three of the members of Pussy Riot were arrested back in 2012 for “hooliganism” and sent to serve time in Russian prison. One was released shortly after her arrest, and the other two served a majority of their sentences. They are all free women now, and have been spending their freedom fighting even harder for […]

Ben Gibbard

WATCH: Ben Gibbard – “I’m Building A Fire” On The Colbert Report

While we still have no concrete information on The Postal Service‘s potential reunion at Coachella, Ben Gibbard has continued his efforts promoting his debut solo album on The Colbert Report. He already had a solid performance late last year on Conan, but now we have another video (and a different song) worth watching: “I’m Building […]

Jack White On The The Colbert Report

Jack White returned to The Colbert Report and the results are nothing short of spectacular. Stephen Colbert and Jack White sat down for a awkwardly forced and hilarious interview in which Colbert asks the artist when they will be working together again. White’s simple response was a resounding no. In the name of comedy, the […]

Aftermath of Wayne Coyne and Flaming Lips on Colbert

Just to add on to the previous posts on this matter: Colbert Nation was able to catch a glimpse into The Flaming Lips new album, Embryonic when they performed, “Convinced of the Hex” live, and Mr. Colbert sat down with frontman Wayne Coyne. Colbert also announced late in the interview with Mr. Coyne that Embryonic […]

Flaming Lips Live On Colbert Report

Steven Colbert will playing hospitable host to the Flaming Lips tonight (September 16th) at 11:30pm ET. The Flaming Lips will be performing on the Report in promotion of their new album Embryonic. After the show, fans can listen to the entire album for a limited time HERE.