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8th Grade Metal Band Unlocking The Truth Perform On ‘The Colbert Report’

Yep, you read that right. 8th grade metal band Unlocking the Truth recently interviewed as well as performed on The Colbert Report. For those who don’t know, Unlocking the Truth is a power trio based out of Brooklyn, NY who got their start playing in Times Square, and have now safely secured a whopping $1.7 […]

Watch St. Vincent Perform and Chat on ‘The Colbert Report’

Last night St. Vincent stopped by The Colbert Report for quite the chat as well as two bad ass performances. She’s a rock goddess, and Colbert is well aware of that. He gave her a lot of praise (calling her new record the “Top Rated self-titled album”) and got some good lines out of the newly […]

Watch Pussy Riot’s Interview With Colbert

Three of the members of Pussy Riot were arrested back in 2012 for “hooliganism” and sent to serve time in Russian prison. One was released shortly after her arrest, and the other two served a majority of their sentences. They are all free women now, and have been spending their freedom fighting even harder for […]

Watch The National, Gregg Allman, and Stephen Colbert Sing “Silver Bells” on ‘The Colbert Report’

Christmas is in a week, and Stephen Colbert is more than ready to get the countdown ticking. Yep, it’s Colbert’s Christmas Carols Week, and he night number one of cheery musical guests happened last night as he invited The National to the stage for the second time this year. As a treat from Santa, special […]

Watch M.I.A. Discuss Politics, Perform “Y.A.L.A.” and “Come Walk With Me” on Colbert

Last night, M.I.A. went on The Colbert Report to perform music off of her new album, Matangi, as well as be interviewed by Colbert. The two discussed political messages in her music (she cites Bob Dylan and Public Enemy as inspiration), her views of America (“In my mind, there’s no countries. We’re all one,” she said. “We […]

the postal service

The Postal Service Perform On ‘The Colbert Report’

Los Angeles-based electropop supergroup The Postal Service, composed of Ben Gibbard, Jimmy Tamborello, and Jenny Lewis, recently stopped by the set of The Colbert Report to perform their hit “Such Great Heights”, and a newly released track, “A Tattered Line Of String.” In recent months, the outfit has toured extensively in support of the ten […]

WATCH: Paul McCartney On ‘The Colbert Report’

Paul McCartney is probably your favorite living Beatle (sorry, Ringo). Sir Paul himself recently got a full hour on the typically thirty minute television show The Colbert Report, in which he was both musical guest and the main interview. While we won’t be posting a full hour (I mean, other things happened on the show), […]

WATCH: The National Live On The Colbert Report

The National have been around for over a decade, and have been heralded for their indie rock staying power and solid songwriting. With their new album, Trouble Will Find Me, they’ve now gotten the “Colbert Bump”; that is, they’ve made an appearance on The Colbert Report that will likely increase album sales. On the show, […]

Ben Gibbard

WATCH: Ben Gibbard – “I’m Building A Fire” On The Colbert Report

While we still have no concrete information on The Postal Service‘s potential reunion at Coachella, Ben Gibbard has continued his efforts promoting his debut solo album on The Colbert Report. He already had a solid performance late last year on Conan, but now we have another video (and a different song) worth watching: “I’m Building […]

Jack White On The The Colbert Report

Jack White returned to The Colbert Report and the results are nothing short of spectacular. Stephen Colbert and Jack White sat down for a awkwardly forced and hilarious interview in which Colbert asks the artist when they will be working together again. White’s simple response was a resounding no. In the name of comedy, the […]

LCD Soundsystem on The Colbert Report

LCD Soundsystem stopped by The Colbert Report to perform their song “I Can Change” along with an interview they did with Steven Colbert. Watch them both after the jump!