Count Your Lucky Stars Records

Free Throw To Tour With Empire! Empire!, Premiere New Single From Debut LP

In April, Count Your Lucky Stars announced their latest signing, an emo/pop punk band from Nashville called Free Throw. CYLS is getting ready to release the band’s debut full-length, Those Days Are Gone, on September 16. Last week, AbsolutePunk premiered the first single from the LP, entitled “Two Beers In.” Now, Free Throw have premiered the […]

Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate) Stream First Single Off New Album

After a long wait, this new Empire! Empire! album is happening. Following the mid-June announcement of You Will Eventually Be Forgotten and its various parts, the lead single was premiered by Stereogum. “If It’s Bad News, It Can Wait” is undoubtedly an Empire! Empire! song; those dual twinkling guitars serve as a twin backbone for the whole track […]

Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate) Announce New Album

Emo bands new and old continue to rise or return. Some heavy hitters have yet to be heard from, even in the wake of the Mineral and American Football resurrections. Back in 2009, before this whole hullabaloo really kicked into gear, Michigan’s Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate) released the critically adored What It Takes […]

Stream The New Annabel/Dowsing Split From Count Your Lucky Stars

Labelmates Annabel and Dowsing have teamed for a four-song 7″ out on split-happy emo label Count Your Lucky Stars. It’s actually a bit of a surprise these two hadn’t already found their way onto the same 2–or 4–way split already. Released on May 27, the split is available for streaming on Brooklyn Vegan. The Annabel half is especially sweet, with the under-heralded and more melodious group […]

WEEKLY WAX: Vinyl Releases For The Week Of 5/11-5/17

Welcome back to Weekly Wax! Enjoy The Ride Records stole the show this week by releasing two long-awaited vinyl reissues. The first pressing of Turn The Radio Off by Reel Big Fish was a huge hit, with most of the pressing selling out within hours. Check the end of this post for details on how […]

Dowsing Premiere New Song From Split With Annabel

Few emo bands are more endearing than Chicago’s Dowsing. The group’s bouncy tunes will make you smile and cry at the same time, then they’ll refuse to leave your head for days on end. Their next release is a split with Ohio natives Annabel, and you can stream a new song from Dowsing’s side of […]

Joie De Vivre And Prawn Stream Split EP

Joie de Vivre and Prawn might hail from vastly different parts of the country, but you would be hard pressed to find two better bands to represent the emo genre on a split EP. The five new songs on the team effort, out tomorrow via Topshelf Records and Count Your Lucky Stars Records, pull from […]

Warren Franklin Releases New EP For Free

While he may not have the name recognition of Into It. Over It.’s Evan Weiss, Warren Franklin is as deeply ingrained in midwest emo as anyone you’re likely to meet. Hailing from Rockford, Illinois, the singer-songwriter has released two excellent LPs of acoustic guitar-driven emo-folk, along with playing in Joie de Vivre, Parker, and (on […]

WEEKLY WAX: Vinyl Releases For The Week Of 1/26-2/1

As a site that covers both music and film, we always love seeing those two worlds cross paths. That’s the case in this week’s edition of Weekly Wax. Movie buffs who also happen to collect records are in, with a few new pressings on the way from Death Waltz Recording Company, including the classic Forbidden […]

Warren Franklin And The Founding Fathers Release New Song

Rockford, Illinois native Warren Franklin walked the line between emo and folk on his first two albums before recruiting a full band for his 2013 EP, Every Letter and Souvenir. Franklin and the Founding Fathers, which consist of drummer Stewart Oakes and “whoever is around,” will return next week with a new EP titled Now […]

Listen To Joie De Vivre’s “Martin Park”

If there is one band that knows how to make me feel all the feels, it is Joie De Vivre. From their LP We’re All Better Than This, to their Summer Months EP, their drone delivery and bright guitars know how to make a dude wonder what the hell has happened in his life lately. […]

Dowsing Beat Up On Frontman In New Music Video

Dowsing frontman Erik Czaja takes hits from basketballs, model airplanes, and water balloons in the band’s new video for “I Don’t Even Care Anymore,” but like the song’s title suggests, he doesn’t seem to care. He accepts the beating with a straight face while singing along to the triumphant title track from the Chicago group’s […]