Riot Fest, Lollapalooza To Owe An Estimated $440,000 For Park Repairs

There is a price to pay for punk rock and it sings in the tune of roughly $182,000. That’s the estimate, according to the Chicago Tribune, of repair costs to Humboldt Park after Riot Fest Chicago suffered from a massive rain downpour on its 2014 opening night. The $182,000 comes at nearly triple last year’s […]

Jimmy Eat World Bassist To Open Microdistillery

In the coming months, Rick Burch, bassist of the world-renowned emo quartet Jimmy Eat World, will be teaming up with his long-time chums John Miller and Jeff Barlow to open a microdistillery in the band’s home state of Arizona. You can view a personal message from the creators at the bottom of this post, following […]

Passion Pit

75% of Passion Pit’s Equipment Was Destroyed

In a predictable but unfortunate set of events, Passion Pit have had a good chunk of their equipment damaged in a storm this past Friday night. When gearing up to play at Chicago’s North Coast Music Festival, the festival was delayed and shortly after “approximately 75% of” Passion Pit’s gear was destroyed before they went […]

UPDATED FIELD REPORT: Monster Energy Stage Damaged at West Palm Beach Warped Tour

At the West Palm Beach date of Warped Tour today, one of our own braved the Floridian downpour to bring us the following report. UTG staffer Adrian Garza reports that the Monster Energy Stage has sustained damage and may remain out of use for the remainder of the tour. Garza sources Silverstein for this possibility. […]

ALBUM STREAM: Jimmy Eat World – ‘Damage’

It’s finally here; Jimmy Eat World are streaming Damage in its entirety at their website. Listen here. As Confront Magazine points out, the band took to social media for the stream. Instead of a regular release, fans needed to tweet each song in order to unlock them. Once enough tweets piled in, a new song would be “unlocked.” About half […]

MUSIC VIDEO: Jimmy Eat World – “I Will Steal You Back”

Arizona-based emo-rock group Jimmy Eat World released their new music video for their song “I Will Steal You Back.” The video is really well produced, but when you boil it down the music video chronicles the band and their recent touring efforts. “I Will Steal You Back” comes off of Jimmy Eat World’s latest record, […]

WATCH: Jimmy Eat World Perform New Songs Live

Now that we are one month removed from the official release of Jimmy Eat World‘s eighth album, Damage, fans are now able to listen to the entire first half of the album thanks to the streams that have already been premiered by the band and some footage that had been captured by a fan who […]

LYRIC VIDEO: Jimmy Eat World – “I Will Steal You Back”

First you got the song, now you get the lyric video. Jimmy Eat World have unleashed a lyric video for their latest single “I Will Steal You Back.” You can watch the video by taking a look below the jump. The band’s highly anticipated upcoming album, Damage, will be hitting stores June 11. You can […]

STREAM: Jimmy Eat World – “I Will Steal You Back”

Jimmy Eat World‘s rumored new album has been confirmed, and we’re finally able to get a taste of it since the band released a stream of their new song, “I Will Steal You Back”, on YouTube earlier today. The song is the fifth song off the band’s upcoming album, Damage, which will debut on June […]

Jimmy Eat World Announce New Album ‘Damage;’ Reveal Artwork And Track Listing

After weeks of rumors, Jimmy Eat World have confirmed plans to release a new studio album this Summer. Titled Damage, the 8th studio album from Jimmy Eat World will be released June 11 through RCA Recordings. The band did not release a single in conjunction with the announcement, but they did reveal the artwork and […]

Woman Sues Bieber for 9 Million, No One Knows Who To Laugh At

In a recent report from NME, Justin Bieber is currently being sued for $9 million for “damaging a woman’s ear.” No, it’s not because he’s Canadian and should go back to his own country and stop infecting the minds of the United States’ youth. According to the report, while Justin went over the crowd in […]