UPDATED FIELD REPORT: Monster Energy Stage Damaged at West Palm Beach Warped Tour

At the West Palm Beach date of Warped Tour today, one of our own braved the Floridian downpour to bring us the following report.

UTG staffer Adrian Garza reports that the Monster Energy Stage has sustained damage and may remain out of use for the remainder of the tour. Garza sources Silverstein for this possibility.

Furthermore, musician Brian Marquis has reportedly been hospitalized, following an electric shock. The source of the shock is not immediately evident.

UPDATE 4:45: Juliet Simms seems to believe Marquis was electrocuted by means of lightning strike. Conditions are unknown. Our thoughts are with him and those close to him.

UPDATE 5:00: Adrian is reporting in with some new details regarding the weather at West Palm Warped. Set times have been shortened across the board. Ticket holders will be able to get into Orlando’s date for free. The Acoustic Basement appears to be down for the remainder of the day.

The status of the Monster Energy Stage remains unclear. One report on the ground says Silverstein will still play, their Twitter verifies this.

UPDATE 5:30: We’re receiving word that Brian Marquis is doing fine. He may only stay one night at the hospital where he was taken. We’ll keep you informed on his status in the coming days.

This story is developing and we will bring you more details as they come.

UPDATED (8:03 EST): Brian Marquis is okay in the hospital. Read an updated statement from him below.

“I am alive and relatively okay. I fought a little lightning and won. Thank you for all the love and concern. I am so grateful for you all.”

Jacob Tender
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