David Escamilla

LYRIC VIDEO: Light Up The Sky – “Nightlife” Feat Andy Leo & David Escamilla

A great way for up and coming bands to get their name out there is to release some songs with guest vocals by popular artists in their genre. That’s how you get so many songs with artists like Kellin Quinn and Tyler Carter featured in them. It’s not everyday that you see two musicians featured […]

Crown The Empire Reissuing ‘Limitless’ EP Re-Recorded With David Escamilla

Crown The Empire have announced that they will be releasing a deluxe two disc reissue of The Fallout and Limitless EP. The band’s EP was recorded before the band’s unclean vocalist, David Escamilla, joined the group. The reason fans should be excited for this deluxe release is because the group re-recorded Limitless with David screaming […]

Crown The Empire Welcome Vocalist David Escamilla

Texas’ own Crown The Empire are proud to announce that the final member of the group will be vocalist David Escamilla! Congratulations to David on joining the team. The band are excited to record their upcoming debut album on Rise Records, with Joey Sturgis, and show the world what they have got. Look out for […]