Restored Version of ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ Screened Nationwide July 4 Weekend

This is the year of The Beatles–well, more than it normally is, anyway. It’s been 50 years since the English band’s iconic performance on The Ed Sullivan Show, and as such all sorts of treats have been popping up. The newest caters to music lovers and film buffs alike. The 1964 film A Hard Day’s […]

Horror Classic ‘Chopping Mall’ Returning To Theaters In 2014

If you followed our 31 Days Of Halloween feature you’ll likely recall us mentioning a beloved piece of 80s cinema known as Chopping Mall. The film, which was originally entitled Killbots, follows a group of beautiful teens/twenty-somethings after they become trapped in a mall patrolled by crazed robots after hours. We love it more than […]

Crown The Empire Reissuing ‘Limitless’ EP Re-Recorded With David Escamilla

Crown The Empire have announced that they will be releasing a deluxe two disc reissue of The Fallout and Limitless EP. The band’s EP was recorded before the band’s unclean vocalist, David Escamilla, joined the group. The reason fans should be excited for this deluxe release is because the group re-recorded Limitless with David screaming […]