Let Aaron West And The Roaring Twenties Break Your Heart With “Divorce”

Forget about The Fault In Our Stars. The song you’re about to hear may very well be the most depressing piece of art you experience throughout the entire month of June. That’s not a bad thing in the slightest, but I felt it best to warn you in case you needed a minute to grab […]

History Lesson


On this day in 2008, pop-starlet Ashley Simpson and emo-figurehead Pete Wentz got married. The ceremony took place at the Simpson’s home in Encinco, California and was officiated by Simpson’s father. Two weeks later, Simpson and Wentz announced that they were going to have their first child. On 20 November 2008, a baby boy named […]

Footage Of What Could Be Sonic Youth’s Final Show Ever

Sonic Youth may have very well performed live for the final time last night. Don’t worry, we have the footage. Taking into consideration Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon’s recent separation, the future of Sonic Youth has been unknown for months. Last night’s show at the SWU Music and Arts Festival in Sao Paulo, Brazil was […]

Karen Elson and Jack White announce divorce, plan party

Karen Elson and Jack White have announced they will be getting a divorce in the near future. While we understand such events are more tabloid fodder than music news, we think their pre-divorce plans may surprise you. Look below to see what the soon to be single Karen Elson and Jack White have up their […]

1997 announce new song

Despite their announced Hiatus back in Feburary, a new song has been recorded by 1997. Find out more after the jump.