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WATCH: The first ‘Doctor Strange’ trailer is spectacular

It seems that every few days we get some news about an amazing new superhero movie. During tonight’s episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon we got our first look at Doctor Strange. After watching the trailer, it seems safe to say Marvel Studios is lined up for another fantastic outing. The trailer doesn’t […]

It’s Official: Benedict Cumberbatch Is ‘Doctor Strange’

The rumors have been persistent since the days before Marvel’s ‘Phase Three‘ announcement, but today it finally became official: Benedict Cumberbatch will star in Doctor Strange. Yes, the star of Sherlock and The Imitation Game has signed on to become Stephen Strange for Marvel’s fall 2016 feature. Reports claim the actor got involved after Inherent […]

Marvel Announces Eight New Films, Including ‘Black Panther’ & ‘Captain America: Civil War’

DC Comics just got beat at their own game, and it’s going to take a miracle for their next move to top the announcement made by Marvel earlier today. Marvel Entertainment surprised fans and members of the press over the weekend by inviting them to a mysterious event in downtown Los Angeles today, October 28. […]

Joaquin Phoenix Will Not Be Doctor Strange

Comic book fans everywhere have known for a while that Marvel has been considering releasing a full-length feature surrounding a superhero that has yet to see the big screen since the explosion of hero films. That said hero is none other than Doctor Strange. The Scott Derrickson film is currently scheduled for release on August […]

Rumor: Jared Leto May Be Marvel’s Doctor Strange

Just a day after news broke that Marvel had tapped Sinister filmmaker Scott Derrickson to direct their big screen adaptation of Doctor Strange, BadassDigest has hinted at one of the stars currently being considered for the film’s lead role. According to a post made last night, writer Devin Faraci claims to know that Academy Award […]

Scott Derrickson to Direct Marvel’s ‘Doctor Strange’

There was a moment during Captain America: The Winter Soldier when Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) found himself on the roof a building just a few short miles from S.H.I.E.L.D. HQ. During that sequence, Rogers is informed that there is a force in the world who is after everyone that they believe to be a threat, […]

Rumor: Marvel Wants Johnny Depp For ‘Doctor Strange’

Hold on to your keyboards, comic book fans. The internet is bound to have a heyday with this one. Latino Review, who have a good-but-not-flawless record with cool movie scoops, are reporting that Marvel wants Johnny Depp to take on the role of ‘Doctor Strange.’ The studio allegedly met with the Pirates Of The Caribbean […]