Passing The Torch: The End Of An Era For UTG

I started Under The Gun Review with a $10 loan from my parents that I probably never paid back. At the time, my only goals were to get free music, gain access to concerts I couldn’t afford, meet my heroes, and create something to further bolster my resume. All those things were accomplished in a […]

The Sound Alarm’s top albums of 2010

Our friends over at The Sound Alarm have been posting their album of the year picks all week. Start here with Editor Kayley Guyette’s choices and see who topped their charts and won their hearts in 2010.

UTG Tumblr!

Hey everyone! We got sick of the boring Editor’s blog [lame wordpress formatting] and decided to get a TUMBLR account! Please follow us and we’ll follow you back! utgjames.tumblr.com