Check Out “Endlessly” From Nothing

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of writing about a band that had just made their way to my iPod, and it has been love ever since. The Philadelphia rock outfit Nothing are a group of musicians that know how to push the limits of sonic parameters. Cranking their knobs up to eleven, […]

MUSIC VIDEO: The Cab – “Endlessly”

The Cab have released their video for the fan favorite single, “Endlessly.” The clip was teased on MTV last week, and I thought they may have the debut, but it seems the group wanted to ease access for their fans worldwide and took the self release route at the end of the day. You can […]

MUSIC VIDEO: The Cab – Endlessly

Rockers The Cab have released the latest music video for their song “Endlessly” and can be seen right here on UTG! The video is comprised of The Cab’s energetic live sets, unforgettable tour moments, and best friends. What more could you ask for? This song comes off of the group’s album, Symphony Soldier, through Z […]