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UTG INTERVIEW: Casey Crescenzo of The Dear Hunter

An excess of ambition can make or break an artist, and one could assume that the scope of what The Dear Hunter has evolved into since its inception, could rip its creator apart with ease. Alas, Casey Crescenzo, the marvel behind the madness has valiantly kept his composure, pressed on, and continues to optimize the […]

UTG INTERVIEW: Rocky Loves Emily

We’re extremely pleased to bring you this exclusive interview with Rocky Loves Emily! RLE burst onto the pop scene in 2009 with something to prove and with honesty, dedication, and a love for their fans, the band have secured their spot in the ranks with some of the best in the business. They’ve recently released […]

UTG INTERVIEW: If These Trees Could Talk

To coincide with our recent CD giveaway, we bring you this exclusive interview with If These Trees Could Talk! ITTCT is a do-it-yourself, instrumental post-rock group based out of Akron, Ohio. They recently released their sophomore full-length effort entitled Red Forest which has already received substantial recognition across the blogosphere for its display of the […]


UTG’s Indie Film Spotlight highlights a new/recent/upcoming independent film that we feel you need to see. The Harry Potters of the world will always be successful and easily available on Netflix, but indies need your help and contributions to survive and thrive. Just like local elections, your decisions really do matter here. Support independent cinema! (If you’re […]

Interview with Cory Brandan of Norma Jean

Click here to read an exclusive interview with Norma Jean Vocalist (and occasional guitarist), Cory Brandan.

Google interviews Lady Gaga

Google caught up with Lady Gaga for an exclusive interview entitled ‘Google Goes Gaga.’ Gaga asked her little monsters via her website and twitter to send in questions that she could answer. While the interview is on the longer side reaching one hour and thirteen minutes, it is well worth watching.