Fame Over Demise

UTG TV: Tyler Carter – Fame Over Demise (Live @SXSW 2012)(First Show Ever)

Days after we brought you an exclusive listen to his new single, UTG TV returns with a second video from Tyler Carter’s live solo debut. “Fame Over Demise” is a song that any Woe, Is Me fan will recognize. The track was originally an anthemic jam played by the Rise Records act (and most likely […]

Woe, Is Me perform “Fame Over Demise” acoustic

Tyler Carter and Kevin Hanson (Woe, Is Me) have been filmed performing their latest song, “Fame Over Demise,” acoustic for BVTV. Watch the video below and let UTG know what you think.

Stream: Woe, Is Me “Fame>Demise”

Listen to a new track from Woe, Is Me titled “Fame>Demise” by simply clicking play.