UTG INTERVIEW: Patrick Brice Discusses His New Film, ‘The Overnight’

It’s hard to throw a stone in the world of modern indie movies without hitting some up and coming filmmaker who one or more publications has dubbed the latest ‘visionary’ storyteller. Everyone has someone they’re rooting for in the race to see who graduates from one-time genius to career-long writer/director who influences countless future storytellers, […]

Woody Allen “Toying” With The Idea Of Returning To Standup, Touring

Holy shit, folks. This story is the real deal. It’s weird to think in a time where most people recognize Woody Allen as an aging filmmaker who releases new works at least once a year that there was a time not too long ago when he would grace comedy club stages. Though decades have passed […]

MUSIC VIDEO: Kanye West – Lost in the World

Kanye West has teamed up with filmmaker Ruth Hogben to create a truly epic piece for his My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy single “Lost in the World.” Hogben creates a brilliant landscape of visuals that will blow your mind and keep you guessing. It is very fast-paced and combines animations of buildings, beautiful women dancing, […]