Ralphie May Releases New Stand-up Special Via Netflix

Comedy legend Ralphie May has partnered with Netflix to release his latest stand-up special, and earlier this week a teaser for the premiere was shared online. Titled Unruly, the latest special from May is his first since 2012’s successful Too Big To Ignore tour. Filmed live in front of a raucous, fist-pumping crowd at Cobb […]

Chelsea Handler Teases ‘Uganda Be Kidding Me’ Netflix Special

Comedian Chelsea Handler famously left her popular late night show on E! earlier this year in order to enter into a new agreement with Netflix. That deal, which reportedly will give Handler her own original series sometime late next year, included the rights to at least one of Handler’s upcoming stand-up specials. Today, Netflix released […]

Chris Rock Announces First Stand-Up Comedy Tour In Six Years

It may be hard to believe this, but more than half a decade has passed since Chris Rock last graced the live stage as a stand-up comic. His most recent special, Kill The Messenger, was recorded in 2008 and released in early 2009, which makes it so old that the majority of the material still […]

EXCLUSIVE: A Behind-The-Scenes Look At Comics Come Home 2013

This is the first of what we hope will become many cross-promotional efforts with our friends at The Laugh Button. If you love comedy, please make it a point to bookmark and frequent their fantastic site. Each year for the past 19 years, Denis Leary has traveled to his hometown of Boston to put on […]

Louis C.K. Releases HBO Special ‘Oh My God’ For $5, Includes Extended Cut

The last two years have essentially been a whirlwind as far as Louis C.K.’s career is concerned. His hit show on FX catapulted his already celebrated comedy career to dizzying new heights, and by taking control of all future standup releases Louis made himself one of the most successful comics of all time. When he […]

Dave Chappelle Has Breakdown On Stage In Hartford

UPDATE: We now have video of what happened, provided after the jump. The footage begins a few minutes into the set, presumably after the crowd had begun disrupting the performance. ORIGINAL POST: Dave Chappelle has returned to stand up comedy, and yet, on the fourth night of this tour, he has reportedly had an on […]

Woody Allen “Toying” With The Idea Of Returning To Standup, Touring

Holy shit, folks. This story is the real deal. It’s weird to think in a time where most people recognize Woody Allen as an aging filmmaker who releases new works at least once a year that there was a time not too long ago when he would grace comedy club stages. Though decades have passed […]

MOVIE REVIEW: Let Me Explain

Film: Let Me Explain Starring: Kevin Hart Director: Leslie Small In addition to the CGI epics and animated adventures dominating the cineplex this holiday weekend, 800 screens will be hosting the first standup film to grace theaters in quite some time. Let Me Explain brings current standup king Kevin Hart’s recent sold out Madison Square […]

Doug Benson Reveals ‘Gateway Doug’ Cover Art

Comedian Doug Benson has taken to Twitter to unveil the artwork for his highly anticipated new release, Gateway Doug. Set for release July 9, which makes it the second release from Benson in under a year (third if you could GMER), Gateway Doug will feature recordings from Benson’s April 20 shows earlier this year. Recording […]

Comedian Doug Benson Titles New Album

Every year comedian Doug Benson records a new one-hour special on April 20, and 2013 was no different. Performing at Cobb’s in San Francisco, Benson recorded a series of sets with opener Graham Elwood to later be cut and trimmed down into one fantastic comedy special. 2011 gave us Potty Mouth, 2012 showcased Benson’s Smug […]

MOVIE REVIEW: The Greatest Movie Ever Rolled

Film: The Greatest Movie Ever Rolled Starring: Doug Benson Directed by: Ryan Polito Nearly six years have passed since Doug Benson first entered the documentary would with his sleeper hit Super High Me, and in that time the comedian’s popularity has continued to rise. Now, after teasing fans for the better part of a year, […]


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